White and Silver Nail Art
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White and Silver Nail Art ~ Born Pretty Store Rhinestones and Glitter

Hey everyone! How are you all! Today I have a lovely White and Silver Nail Art to share with you all. Very appropriate for wedding or if you want a simple yet chic design for your nails, this nail art will definitely impress you. I received some high shine Nail Decoration items from Bornpretty Store and I used those accessories to do this pretty nail design.

White and Silver Nail Art

Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Polish
  • White Nail Polish – Sinful Colors Snow me White
  • Silver Glitter Nail Polish – Revlon Diamond Texture
  • Born Pretty Store Glitter
  • Born Pretty Store micro Rhinestones
  • Nail Art Liner Brush
  • French Manicure sticker
  • Small dotting tool to apply the crystals
  • Top Coat

How I did the Nail Design

Start by applying base coat on the nails. Base Coat helps the manicure to stay longer and gives your nails a shine finish. After the base coat polish is completely dry, paint the accent nails with white nail polish. On rest of the nails, I chose to do half moon manicure.

You can do any french manicure or simple chevron tip manicure if you wish to. Place french manicure sticker little above the nail cuticles and apply white polish. Remove the sticker soon after polish application to get a clean line.

Now we’ll do glitter french manicure on accent nails. But before that, make sure the nails are fully dry. You don’t want the french manicure guide sticker to pull off the white polish. Place the french manicure guide sticker right below your nail tips and apply silver glitter polish. Remove the sticker while the polish is still wet.

If you feel, the color is not opaque enough, add one more layer of glitter polish. I applied two layers of Revlon Diamond Texture. Now using a liner brush and the silver glitter polish, outline the halfmoon manicure and let the polish dry.

Add Top Coat on accent nails and other nails to prep them for glitter and rhinestone placement. Do one nail at a time, in this way it would be sticky enough to insert the accessories. Use a small dotting tool to add glitters and rhinestones. Seal the whole design with Top Coat and you’re done!

I absolutely love these BornPretty Store Glitters and Rhinestones. Its very affordable and high quality. The rhinestones shine like diamonds. BornPretty store provides world wide free shipping too. I have an exclusive site wide 10% off discount code for you all – DEMIG10. Check out BornPretty Store for awesome Nail Art products.

born pretty store coupon codesThis set of 3mm Diamond Design Glitters comes in twelve colors. Click here to know more about this product.

born pretty store reviewsThe shine of these Zircon Micro Rhinestones is to die for. These rhinestones are available in many colors. Check it out in more detail.

swarovski crystal for nail art

White and Silver Nail Art

silver glitter nail polish

How do you like this simple and pretty design? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you ?

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check my Nail Art section for more awesome Nail Art Tutorials!



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  1. Hi!This is really nice-I love it!Not sure if I can do it by myself-will ask my manicurist to help out!Looking for a wedding day look-will let you know how it goes! Will two layers of glitter polish give it a “heavy” or lumpy look?

    1. Hi Maria. Thank you for liking this design. I would love to know how it came out for you. I feel two layers of glitters polish won’t give heavy or lumpy look if the polish is of right consistency!

  2. Mohammad Tarmizzy says:

    Hi Demi. The designs are chic indeed. I am quite curious. Do you need all the items listed to do the nail artwork? I’m assuming items such as glitters and rhinestones are add-ons. Value added in other words.

    Also, are you intend to provide a vlog or a video demo for keen learners and beginners?

    Love the art by the way!

    1. Hi Tarmizzy. Thank you for liking the nail art. For this particular design I used glitter and rhinestones. I have many other designs, where I didn’t use glitters and accessories. Things needed differs from design to design. If you check my other nail art tutorials, I have video tutorials too. For this design alone, couldn’t make a video for some reason.

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