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Valentines Day Nail Designs ~ Cute and Easy To Do

Valentines Day Nail Designs


Hey everyone. Hope you are doing well.  Valentine’s day is just a week away and I’m excited. I have some cute Valentines Day Nail Designs to share with you. These designs are very simple and easy to do. Pick your favorite nail design to try.

Couple Kissing In The Rain Silhouette


Isn’t it romantic? This adorable Nail Art is super easy to do. I did a little paint work to create the background and stamped the kissing silhouette. Filled the umbrella in red acrylic paint to give the design a carmine touch. You can alter the background to your liking (may be a nude nail or white background). Click on the image below to see the detail tutorial.

valentine day nail designs pictures


Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art, Cute Heart


If you like Accent Nail Art designs, this cute red heart is perfect. Paint other nails maybe with white polish or red polish and make this cute heart design on the Accent nail. I used acrylic paint to make the heart and layered it with a red glitter polish. Red rhinestones on the tip makes this design more pretty. Click on the image below for detail tutorial.

heart nail designs


Two Hearts One Love


I love these tangled hearts Nail Design. So simple and conveys the strong message of togetherness. Don’t you think It’s a perfect design to reflect your love? I used flesh toned acrylic paint to draw the hearts and placed crystal rhinestones to add some shine. The dark red back ground made it stunning too! Click on the image below for detail tutorial.

heart nail designs


Heart Leaves


This Nail Design is inspired by a necklace I came across on a jewelry website. It was super expensive to buy.  I thought, at least I can do a nail design.  Pearl, Gold, Red colors creates a lovely jewel effect. The base color is a pearl nail polish and I used acrylic paint(Gold and Red) to make the branches and hearts. Click on the image below for detail tutorial.

heart nail designs


Cute Pink Hearts For Valentine’s Day


How can we talk about Valentine’s day and not talk about Pink? So, here comes a chic pink hearts on purple base nail design with French tips. I used a purple nail polish for the base and a hot pink acrylic paint to make the hearts. Click on the image below for detail tutorial.

Valentines Day Nail Designs


Pink and Gold Nail Design for Valentine’s Day


One more simple Valentine’s day Nail Art to try this season. I like the color combination in this design. While Gold adds a royal touch, pink gives it a feminine look. Any other contrasting color combination will look good too. Click on the image below for detail tutorial.

cute easy nail designs for short nails


Simple Valentine Nail Design for Short Nails


Generally, I prefer long nails but my nails decided to break around one occasion of Feb 14th. I’m not a fan of fake nails. So, I came up with this Valentine’s day Nail Art for short nails.  Click on the image below for detail tutorial.

cute easy nail designs for short nails

Which one of these designs you like most? Let me know in the comments below how it came out if you try any of these.

Thank you for stopping by! Wish you all a lovely Valentine’s day.

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  1. Great Article Demi,
    All of these nail art designs are very pretty.
    I don’t have a particularly steady hand but would love to try one of these.
    Which would you say would be the easiest to start off with?

    Best Wishes, Sarah F

    1. Thank you for liking the nail designs Sarah. I think the kissing couple nail design will be very easy if you skip the abstract background as you simply need to stamp the image. You simply need Nail Art Stamping Kit and image plates. Check the detail Tutorial here. Red Heart design is also easy to start with!

  2. You are so clever. A natural artist ! I love the couple kissing in the rain, you could put that on a canvas it’s so georgous.

    I wish I had lovely strong nails like yours. Mine are so weak and brittle.

    Great website and I give one of your tutorials a try.

    Thanks again

    1. Thank you for liking the design Rose. I like your idea of putting the “couple kissing in the rain design on a canvas”. Will surely do it. Maybe you will find my post on how to grow strong nails helpful.

  3. I really like the Two Hearts One Love Design, but I like the couple kissing in the rain, too. Such talent to be able to do all of this nail art!

    1. Thanks for liking the designs Linda!

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