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The Ultimate Holiday Glitter Gradient Design ~ Royal Blue And Silver Nails

Royal Blue And Silver Nails

blue nail designs

Hey everyone. How are you doing! I did the no sponge Glitter Ombre Nail Design recently which is perfect for this holiday season. I chose a blue nail polish to go with this silver glitter gradient. You can choose any color as per your preference. I feel these royal blue and silver nails will look gorgeous for special occasions like birthday or a party. I paired this mani with a short white dress and blue pumps and it was perfect!

Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Nail Polish
  • Blue Nail Polish – Color Club, Trippie Hippie
  • Silver Nail Polish – NCLA Lax Jet Setter
  • Silver Glitter Nail Polish – Revlon Diamond Texture
  • Nail Art Detail Brush
  • Top Coat

How I did the Nail Design

Firstly, apply a good base coat on all your nails and let it dry. This will keep your manicure longer and prevent staining. Paint all the nails with a blue nail polish. I used Color Club Trippie Hippie. A stunning dark blue with metallic finish. After it is dry, apply a silver nail polish on the nails tips. It doesn’t need to be perfect as we will be layering a silver glitter to make an ombre.

Now apply a thick line of silver glitter below the tip line. The glitter shade I used is Diamond Texture by Revlon. It’s a gorgeous glitter shade with beautiful pigmentation and shine. By using a detail nail art brush, gently drag the glitter upward and downwards. This will create the gradient effect by smoothly blending the glitter in both the colors. This is an easy way to do ombre/gradient design with out using a sponge. It’s not at all messy. When you use a sponge to create ombre, the colors get all over the skin around your cuticle and it’s time consuming to clean it. I didn’t need do any clean up with this ombre design. Now, Seal the whole design with top coat and you’re done!

 blue silver nail designs

 blue and white nails

 dark blue nail designs

 royal blue nail designs

How do you like this Glitter Gradient Nail Design. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check my Nail Art section for more awesome Nail Art Tutorials!



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  1. I love this design! You do wonders with polish. I grew up a tom boy and I am all thumbs when it comes to nail polish. So I buy the polish and take it in to have my nails done. I am going to book mark this page and show them the design. Surely they can do this right? Being professionals LOL Anyway, you always have such great ideas. I love coming back to find another unique idea or color.

    1. Thanks for liking it Leahrae. This is a simple design, for salon girls it will be a quick work. Do visit often to find out more designs!

  2. That looks amazing.
    Does it cost much for all the equipment you need?
    I usually just go to a salon but I guess after a few a temps I could get better at it and do it myself.
    Did it take you long to get go at doing your own nails this good?

    1. Thank you for liking it Charlotte. I didn’t use much tools in this design other than a detail brush. You can get those on ebay for few dollars. And you can choose budget friendly nail polish brands too. It took me up to a year of practice to get perfection in doing nail art!

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