Hey everyone! How are you all doing today! I spotted these Summer Brights Nail polishes in Rite Aid recently. I remember it seeing last year too but was not much interested to try them. This time I couldn’t resist and bought two shades to see how they look on my nails. I’m easily attracted to bright and flashy colors. Summer bright Nail Color has quite a lot of bright and neon shades. I thought of capturing an image of the display and totally forgot about it. Even though I was very much tempted to buy many shades, I got only two thinking that I can buy more later if I like the two shades I bought. These polishes doesn’t have any name or number on them. I got a dark purple and a pink shade.

Summer Brights Nail polishSummer Brights Nail polish

  • Pigmentation: These nail polishes are very pigmented. One coat shows the color pay off. Even though single coat is opaque enough, it does not look smooth on nails. So, I have two coats on to smooth out the imperfections.
  • Formula: As I said above even though these polishes are pigmented, it doesn’t go smooth on nails. That conveys how bad is the formula of Summer Bright Nail Colors. The consistency is way too thick and gloopy for proper application. Takes longer time to dry.
  • Finish: The pink shade has a dull finish even though it looks little shiny in the picture. Probably because of lighting, it looks a bit dull in reality. However the purple polish has a matte finish. When I bought these polishes I thought these may look little glossy but they are not. I liked the matte finish on the purple one.
  • Staying power: These doesn’t stay well on nails. Even though I left it to dry for about an an hour, I noticed it has smudged on the tips later and chipped the very next day. I feel that is because of the thickness in the formula.
  • Where to buy: Even though the formula of these polishes are not good, the color is catchy. If you wish to try you can buy them in Rite Aid. Each costs around $4 and quality is not good at all in comparision to the price.

Summer Brights Nail polish

Summer Brights Nail polish

Summer Brights Nail polish

I’m glad that I didn’t buy the whole bunch of them. It doesn’t last at all. Have you tried these polishes or any other shades from this line. How was your experience with them.

Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂 Check out my Nail Polish Swatches for more colorful polishes.