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Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review ~ Snow Me White

Hey everyone! How are you all doing today! If you are crazy for nail art and nail polish, you can understand the importance of a white nail polish. White can be a perfect base to create gradient, to create cool designs, weddings are dominated by white and not to forget the classy french manicure. A girl gotta have her french manicure. Found this Sinful Colors Nail Polish Snow Me White in Walgreens. Most of the times, Sinful Colors goes on sale in Walgreens with polishes only for $0.99. So I grabbed some shades with snow me white amongst them. With the fascinating name, Snow me White will be a perfect nail polish for winter. It’s the perfect white cream you would want in your collection. Here’s my review on Sinful Colors Nail Polish Snow Me White.

Sinful Colors snow me white

  • Pigmentation: This milky white polish is very well pigmented. Two coats does the work. However it goes streaky on the first coat but the second layer smooths everything. I have two coats on my nails.
  • Formula: I found this polish to be thick and needs careful application. It goes streaky with a single coat and if you pick little too much of polish, it create small bubbles. Adding few drops of polish thinner may solve the bubble problem. The thin brush makes the application uncomfortable.
  • Finish: Snow me White has a lovely creme finish. You can a layer it with a shiny Top Coat for high shine.
  • Staying power: The consistency being thick, I was not expecting it to stay this long. It was on my nails for four days with out any chipping, then it started to wear off.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Sinful Colors Nail Polishes in Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target. You can buy online too from eBay or Amazon with cheap deals.

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Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Have you tried Snow me White Nail Polish by Sinful Colors? How do you like the formula? Do you think white polish is a must have?

Let me know in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Very beautiful nails. Thank you for sharing. With it being a thick white coating, would you recommend it as a base for creating nail art on top? I could see especially for weddings adding some glitter on top would be perfect.

    1. Hi Steph..I feel it would work nicely as a base for nail Art as it stays well for days even if the consistency is thick!

  2. Jasmine M says:

    I LOVE white nail polish. It looks great on every skin tone, and especially stands out on tanned skin, like yours

    1. White is my to go color when I’m in hurry and want to make my nails pretty!

  3. hi Demi
    I have to say I have mixed feelings about white nail polish. Maybe it is just me but it tends to turn yellow. Is that a normal thing? I like it as a base too but the fact that the color changes (or tends to) kind of sucks. I typically prefer darker or bright polish colors but I have seen designs on white and would like to try them. As the design then really stands out.

    1. Hi Emily, I didn’t notice this white polish getting yellow tint as long as I was wearing it. But, yes even I have heard, some polishes do tend to develop yellowness overtime.

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