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Sinful Colors Nail Polish ~ Bali mist Swatches

sinful colors nail polish swatchesHey everyone! How are you doing! I want to share with you this Sinful Colors Nail Polish,  Bali mist which I got from Walgreens recently. This is a lovely iridescent nail polish color. There’s many effect you can notice in this shade of sinful colors. It’s an alluring pink purple duo-chrome with pearlcent shine. The polish bottle looked mesmerizing on the shelf of the store. I bought and in the store itself tried on my nails. To be honest, I was disappointed at first, but the subtle yet stunning effect grew on me.

  • Pigmentation: Bali mist has very sheer pigmentation with tons of pearlcent shimmer very finely melted. Single layer will look nice on other colored nail polishes with good pigmentation. Or like me, you can layer four coats of this polish to see the exotic color.
  • Formula: Apart from sheer pigmentation, the formula is good. It has good consistency. So no bubbles or streaks and doesn’t take much time to dry.
  • Finish: This sinful colors shade has beautiful iridescent finish with pink purple duo-chrome if you apply at least three coats.
  • Staying power: As I had four coats of polish, it started to wear off the second day. I didn’t apply a top coat over it. If  top coat applied, it may last couple of days more.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Sinful Colors Nail Polishes in Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart. The best place to buy Sinful Colors nail polish is Walgreens as that is where Sinful Colors goes on sale most of the time. Normal price is $1.99 and on sale, you can get it for $0.99. If you are fond of Sinful Colors Nail Polishes, you can get different shades as set on Amazon for cheap deals!

l colors nail polish

sinful nail varnish

How do yo like this Polish? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you ?

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  1. awesome colors with this awesome post. Very vibrant. I could see my wife wearing this fi she did not have to wear surgical gloves all the time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for liking it Brent. Hope she gets a chance to wear this polish 🙂

  2. the purple on the nails is pretty. I’m actually not a fan of purple that much, but seeing this on a women is rather complementing really. and 99C for real? thats a steal for sure, great post

    1. Thank you for stopping by AJ. Yep, it’s an awesome deal.

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