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Simple elegant nail art designs ~ Red flower nail designs

Hey Divas. How are you all doing. Today I saw a pretty red flower decoration. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind..I can do Red flower nail designs on my nails. Yeah..That’s how I get Nail Art Ideas. Now let’s dive into the Simple elegant nail art designs.

The best part of this design is that you can wear it for any occasion.

Red Flower Nail Designs

Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Nail Polish
  • Acrylic Paint – Red, Yellow and Green
  • Nail Art Liner Brush
  • Small Piece of Sponge
  • A Tweezer
  • Small Dotting Tool
  • Green Rhinestones 1.5mm size
  • Top Coat

How I did the Nail Design

Start by applying base coat polish and let it dry. I used all acrylic paints to do this Nail Design. Pick the green acrylic paint on a small piece of sponge and gently press onto the nail tips diagonally. Repeat the process if the color is not opaque. Give it some time to dry.

After the paint dried, seal the green tips with top coat. This way we will get a smooth surface to do further decoration. With the Nail Art Liner Brush, take red paint and make flowers on the diagonal french manicure. The flowers in this design are like starfish shape.

Make random tiny red dots using the same brush on the nail tips. Fill the very center of the flowers with yellow paint. After the paint dries, apply clear polish and add rhinestones. Seal the whole design with top coat and you are done.


                 simple elegant nail art designs  simple elegant nail art designs

 simple elegant nail art designs   

Red Flower Nail Designs

See the video tutorial for a clear idea about how to do this simple Flower Nail Art.

Check out my YouTube Channel for more Nail Art Tutorials.

If you have any question or feedback, leave a comment below and I would be happy to answer all your queries.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I am always fascinated with nail art. Love all the designs you created!

    1. Hi Nancy..Thank you for liking my Nail Designs!

  2. Beautiful! This design reminds me of Christmas.

    1. Thank you Leelo..Totally agree with you..The color combination is perfect for christmas!

  3. I so have to remember to show this to my gf she is going to love it 🙂

    1. Thanks James..I’m sure she will love it!!

  4. Hey Demi,
    love the design. I think I would use other colors though, unless it’s Christmas time. Maybe a light blue background with purple flowers. Have to try this the next time I do my nails. Thanks for sharing the great idea.

    1. Thanks Sarah for liking the design. I second your thought of having this design for Christmas. I loved your idea blue background and purple flowers. I will come up with a design with that combination soon.

  5. I am very impressed! That looks great and you teach how to do it so well that I think even I could do it (that says a lot about your teaching skills!). Thanks for the article, I’m definitely looking forward to more 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie for the lovely comment! My intention for this site is to display simple designs, which can be done by anyone and with very minimal time 🙂

  6. My wife and her Friends will enjoy your Site. Very nice looking Nail designs!

    1. Thanks Michael! I will up updating my site with more such designs regularly. keep visiting.

  7. Hi Demi,
    Another great design! I see where you could wear this for any season, but, I think it looks like my favorite season, Christmas. The flowers look like poinsettas. Very pretty and creative as usual. Thanks

    1. Right on target Ed! It will really suit Christmas design 🙂

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