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Simple Christmas Nail Designs to Try this Festive Season


christmas nail designs 2016

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I have gathered these simple Christmas Nail Designs for you to try this season. All the Nail Arts are simple and very easy to recreate. Simply click on the Nail Art Picture to see the detail tutorial.

Poinsettias Nail Art

This beautiful Poinsettias Nail Design is done with acrylic paint and easy to recreate. Click on the picture below to see the detail tutorial.

Rhinestones and Snowflake

How pretty the colors look. The Rhinestones adds the perfect bling. Click on the picture for detail tutorial.

Stars and Dots on Pearl Red Background

This is a fun design. I used a pearl polish as the base color. Used a Q-Tip to create the gradient effect. This looks stunningly gorgeous. Click on the picture for step by step tutorial.

Star Studded Gold Tips.

This is my favorite nail design for special occasions. All you need is two colors of nail polish and Star studs. I used Wen n Wild Under the Spell and Covergirl Sulfur Blaze. Click on the picture to see for more information and tutorial.

Cute Snowflake

This design also done with acrylic paint. Violet is not the traditional holiday color but I like how this looks. Click on the picture to see the step by step nails tutorial.

Turquoise Nails for Christmas

A simple nail design using turquoise nail polish and glitter. Very easy to recreate. Click on the picture below to see the tutorial.

turquoise nail designs

Gold and Red Glitter Design

Gold and red is the perfect color combination for Christmas. Another easy design using glitter. Click on the picture for the tutorial

Red Gold Nail Designs

Gold Lace Nail Art

This is a quick design if you have little time to do your nails. I used Lace nail art stickers for this design. Click on the picture for detail tutorial

Christmas Nail Art 2016

How do you like these Christmas Nail Design collection? Which one is your favorite! Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you ?

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check my Nail Art section for more awesome Nail Art Tutorials!

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  1. Those were awesome!!! If I were a girl human, I would for sure do some crazy cool designs like these on my nails…but alas. But I enjoy being a man, too. Anyways… Great site. you do awesome work. I am liking the turquoise design for sure.

    1. Thanks Brent for liking the nail designs!

  2. Cool nail designs! I love the gold ones. Some really nice ideas.

    1. Thank you Hollie for liking the designs!

  3. Hi Demi,

    My partner will love this. She likes her pedicures and manicures haha! I love the gold ones.

    I will definitely share your site with her. I love how you click on the link and there are the details. Great work!



    1. Hi Kevin, Thank your for stopping by! I really appreciate you sharing it with your partner. Hope she likes it too!

  4. I love Love LOVE the cute snowflake design. And I agree with you, the violet is so stunning. I truly prefer it over a more traditional color like blue. I’m going to do this tomorrow to get ready for a boxing day party I’m going to. I don’t have any little rhinestones that will work, but I have a nice silver glitter that I can put a dab in the center and I think that will work. Thanks for the great designs!

    1. Hi Joy, Thank you for liking the nail design. Blue will look gorgeous for this design. Its great idea to use silver polish in place of rhinestones 🙂

  5. Wow, very nice nail designs to try for this Festive seasons. Thank you very much for this post, I love it.

    1. Thank you for liking the designs Lopa 🙂

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