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Seche Nail Polish Chocolat Swatches ~ Perfect Fall Nail Color!

 best fall nail polish colors

 seche vite dry fast top nail coat

Hey everyone. How are you doing! I was searching for fall nail polishes to try out and came across this stunner, Seche Nail Laquer Chocolat. It is obvious from the name that it’s chocolate brown shade and I love how spot on the color is. This is such a pretty shade for fall. Read on to know more about it.

  • Pigmentation: It gets opaque with a single coat when you have good amount of polish on the brush but I did two thin layers. Pretty good in terms of pigmentation.
  • Formula: This Seche Polish has thick consistency. The major issue with this polish is bubbling. With thick consistency, it requires delecate application. I did a little experiment to make it work as I really liked the color. Added two drops of Orly Polish Thinner and It helped with the bubbles and made the application comfortable enough. I read some reviews on seche nail laquer and many mentioned, it doesn’t layer well over a base coat. But I found that it performs same with and with out base coat.
  • Finish: Seche Chocolate has lovely creme finish and beautiful sheen to it. However, after a day wear it gets little dull. Layering it with a top coat will certainly solve it.
  • Staying Power:  Being a thick polish, the application is tricky anyway. I was little doubtful on how it will do in terms of longevity. It stayed well for five days (With base coat and with out Top Coat). Again it depends how rough you are with your nails. Normally I wear gloves while doing dishes, that might have helped it lasting it for five days.
  • Where to buy: I got mine on under $4(Free Shipping). You can find this on too. Not sure where else it is available.

 chocolate brown nail polish

 perfect formula nail polish review

 best fall nail polish colors

 best fall nail polish colors

 best fall nail polish colors

Even if the formula is not great, I like it for the color. Do let me know in the comments below which brown nails polish is your favorite. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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