sally hansen nail polish diamond strength
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Sally Hansen Nail Polish Diamond Strength, Brilliant Blush ~ Lovely Clear Pink Nail Polish

Hey everyone! How have you been! It’s been a while I posted anything. I was vacationing in Vegas this Memorial day Weekend. I had awesome time in Vegas. Well you might know it already. Who doesn’t enjoy being in Vegas. I didn’t want the vacation to end. But you know! Things should end just so that you can do it again and relive the fun. Hope you all had nice time too. Today I have Sally Hansen Nail Polish Brilliant Blush to share with you all.

clear pink nail polish


This Polish stood up to it’s name Brilliant Blush. It’s a clear pink nail polish and it does add brilliant blush effect to the nails. Let me put it this way, you have just enough makeup on your face to make yourself pretty and it’s invisible! I was swatching some eyeshadows in Sephora and a girl asked, how my nails are so shiny and pretty. I told her about this polish and she said, it doesn’t look like you are wearing any polish! Ladies, this is how it looks on nails, naturally pretty. A brilliant touch of pink that looks natural. This is a perfect base color for French Manicure. I tried doing french manicure using this polish and see below how it came out.

sally hansen nail polish diamond strength

  • Pigmentation: Brilliant blush is a very thinly pigmented pale pink polish and that is what brilliant about it. I would suggest don’t bother building it up as you may need to apply a lot of loads of layers to make it opaque! I have two coats in the image above and I love how it makes my nails pretty on its own.
  • Formula: This has got a nice formula and consistency. The application is smooth and dries quickly. Even if it is a sheer polish, doesn’t create streaks upon application.
  • Finish: It surely gives the perfect shine to the nails. It is not much noticeable in pictures, but Brilliant blush has a very subtle duo chrome effect.
  • Staying power: It stays quite long. I had this polish for two weeks with out any chip or wear off. I did apply base coat before hand and sealed it with top coat too. However when I had the Something Blue Polish from this line of collection, it chipped on fifth day.
  • Where to buy:Sally Hansen polishes are available in most of the drug stores and retail stores in US. You can get it in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target.

You can buy it online with a good deal from Amazon or eBay too. This is my favorite way of buying polishes spending less money.

sally hansen nail polish diamond strength

sally hansen nail polish diamond strength

sally hansen nail polish diamond strength


How do you like Brilliant Blush by Sally Hansen. Don’t you think it’s a must have color in your collection? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. […] Pigmentation: Bubble bath is somewhat thinly pigmented. You can layer it multiple times to wear it with full opacity. I liked the sheer coverage and I have two coats on my nails. I feel this polish is a pigmented version of Sally Hansen Brilliant Blush. […]

  2. […] by preventing yellow stains over time. After your nails are dry, apply a nude pink polish. I used Sally Hansen Brilliant Blush, and I can not have any other polish to give my nails that amazing nude shine! That being said, […]

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  4. Love this colour… would love to know if you know of any good, natural looking, nail strengthening lacquers?
    Thanks, Zoe

    1. I love OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener and Sally Hansen Hard as nails. Sally Hansen has clear and natural pink options too.

  5. Hi Demi!
    This pink looks really natural.
    I agree that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing nail polish.
    I think the colour will be great for natural makeup look.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Sylvia.

  6. I hear so much on the news for women natural look is the latest trend for example women wearing no makeup and show their natural beauty, and I think your nail polish will go perfect for women looking for their natural beauty not coloring their nails showing off their natural nail colours.

    1. Thanks Terry. I had not thought about it. Glad that you think it will go with natural color of nails.

  7. Sarah says:

    This looks like a great base color for french manicures as you said. I still need some practice with the straight lines though. My biggest problem is chipping tough so I have been on the look for something that can last a while. Especially as i find myself using my hands a lot and am honestly too lazy to redo my nails every 2 days. I’ll try this out as a nice everyday color and see how I like it. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. yes. this is a simple color for everyday use since it stays for long duration. Hope you will like it.

  8. Superb web site! The quality of work you put in this web page really shows the dedication and the quality to succeed!

    1. Thanks John!

  9. Wow. One of the nicest looking websites I have seen! Everything looks perfect. Very informative post. Fantastic job! Best wishes. Jeffrey

    1. Thanks Jeffrey!

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