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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Game of Chromes Swatch

Hey Divas. I have this gorgeous gold polish swatch for you all. I am so blown by it. Let me present to you Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish, Game of Chromes. Below Swatch is one coat of the polish. As the polish claims, It dries pretty quickly. I did not apply base coat before applying it. How ever I applied the miracle gel Top Coat as it is instructed to wear all the Miracle gel polishes.

As the polish claims, It does dry in natural light and doesn’t need any UV light nail dryer. I love the color and opacity. It stayed put for a week and I had to remove it because I wanted to wear other color.


I’m impressed with the pigmentation. I have single coat on my nails. However, I picked a good amount of polish while applying. The curved brush really helps in proper application.

sally Hansen Miracle gel game of chromesFormula

As the name says, Miracle Gel, I believe it to some extent. The consistency is very good. The polish gives great comfort while applying on to the nails unlike some polishes, where you need to work soon otherwise it will get thick and so on.

Staying power

The polish claims to stay put for 14 days. but I couldn’t wait for to see it and I removed as I normally get bored wearing one color for a long time. you need regular polish remover to remove it. No need of gel polish remover, which I feel very good.

Where to buy

It is available in almost all the drugstores and major retail stores like Walmart and Target. Or you can get it shipped to your doorstep from

sally Hansen Miracle gel chromes sally Hansen Miracle gel game of chromes sally Hansen Miracle gel game of chromes

 Paired with L’Oreal Sexy In Sequins

I noticed the l’oreal glitter nail polish sexy in sequins standing on my display rack, thought of applying it on the nail tips.It’s a beautiful dark purple with micro gold glitters and subtle amount of blue chunky glitters. I loved the combination of gold and purple color.  See below how it looked. I got both the polishes from my local CVS store. You can find these polishes almost in every drugstores and beauty stores.

L'OREAL Sexy In Sequins
L’OREAL Sexy In Sequins

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by!!

Let me know what you think of this Nail Polishes. How do you like them. I would be happy to hear from you.



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  1. admin says:

    Hi there Emily..Thank you for stopping by my site..OPI polishes are very good..Honestly I’m very impatient regarding my nails..I keep removing the polish and apply new color everyday..Crazy..right? 😀 Yeah..these polishes are opaque enough on a single coat!!

  2. hi Demi
    I am also a fan of OPI for my toenails and I get my fingernails done in shellac every 2 weeks or so. I love glitter, designs, stones, you name it! I really love both colors together, seems like the polish is opaque enough for one coat only

  3. It looks nice, especially since you didn’t have to apply a base coat.

    I love OPI nail polish. It is the only brand I will buy and wear – on the rare occasions I put nail polish on.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Kinya..I love OPI polishes too..:)

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