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Revlon Perfume Nail Polish ~ Wintermint Swatch and Review

Hey everyone! How are you all today! I have been watching Revlon Perfume Nail Polish for quiet a long time in store displays but never tried one. A certain color caught my eye, Wintermint and I thought of trying this polish. Nail Polish with perfume was not much appealing to me. Even after trying this polish I’m not great fan of perfume in Nail Polishes. Anyways, Wintermint is a pretty pastel mint green with small blue hex glitters. It has a strong scent of mint and the scent lasts pretty long on the nails. First two days, the smell is on its peak, then it diminishes gradually and on the fifth day I could not feel the scent.

Revlon Perfume Nail Polish

Doesn’t it look pretty? I absolutely love the color of this polish. the mix of blue glitters with minty base impressed me. The bottle looks chic and goes perfectly with the collection name PARFUMERIE. Make sure to let the nails dry to feel the fresh mint aroma. It may not be a good idea to sniff into the bottle!

  • Pigmentation: Wintermint is a very thinly pigmented polish. I applied four coats to get it this opaque. It goes sheer on a single coat, a sheer hint of mint with tiny blue glitters. You can layer a coat of this polish over other polishes to get nice effect.
  • Formula: Formulation of this polish is admirable. Consistency is moderate and application is smooth. However I feel the brush is little less dense and the round handle made me uncomfortable. It dries quickly and the scent stays on quite long. Applying top coat doesn’t effect the scent at all.
  • Finish: Revlon Wintermint gives a glossy finish and the blue hex glitter make the polish more interesting. Even though it’s not very prominent, I feel this polish has little texture to it.
  • Staying power: It stays for a good amount of time. I was wearing this polish for a week and then it started to wear off from the tip. I had base coat on before applying this polish and sealed it with a thin layer of top coat for a week’s longevity.
  • Where to buy: Revlon PARFUMERIE polishes are available in most of the drug stores and retail stores in US. You can get it in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target. You can always buy it from Amazon or eBay with a good deal.

Revlon Perfume Nail Polish ~ Wintermint


Revlon Perfume Nail Polish

I love the color and finish of this polish. But I’m not a fan of perfumed nail polish. Have you tried this polish or do you have any other Revlon Scented Nail Polish? What do you think of this polish!Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Hi Demi,

    I’ve never heard of this product before either. I really like the concept; however, in this particular case do not like the “hex” in the polish.

    This is something I will try in the future!

    Thank you for the introduction.


    1. Thanks Jillian for your opinion. Yes, I do understand that some people will not like the hex. They have other options to. Do check them out. You may like.

  2. What nail polish color from Revlon do you like the most?

    1. Nice question. My favorite color changes with time. For now I loved this wintermint color a lot 🙂

  3. I have been looking at nail varnishes for my wife as a gift and stumbled across this article. She has previously used scented nail polish and actually really likes it. thanks for a great article and the close up pictures you have give me a really good idea as to whether this is something my wife may enjoy. cheers.

    1. Thanks Pete. I hope your wife will like your gift 🙂

  4. Colourful site Demi, I love nail polishes and my daughter does too. You have given me inspiration to have beautiful designs on my nails. Great Job!

    1. Thanks Sherma.

  5. Chris says:

    Love the blue hex glitter polish on this product – very original. You mention that the product lasted about up to a week – what was it like when it started to degrade? Could you get away with wearing it for a few days longer?
    Great article and product – would love to hear more!

    1. After a week, it stated to chip off from the corners of my nails. But it was not very noticeable. After couple of days, I could see cracks in the polish. That is the time when I removed it.

  6. Hi Demi – I had no idea that scented nail polish was available! To be honest, I don’t use nail polish, but my sister is HUGE into her nails so I’ll be passing on the details of this site to her. She’s forever chopping and changing her nail styles. I can remember when I was young the smell of my Mum’s nail polish – very potent! And I’m a huge fan of mint so I think that a little hint of mint everytime I had my fingers close to my nose would be just lovely 🙂
    A great post, thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks for the like and referral. It was an interesting concept for me when I saw perfumed nail polish for the first time. Though I am not a big fan, but it sounds interesting to me.

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