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Nail Polish Swatches

NCLA Nail Polish Cookies and Gold Swatches ~ Pretty and Vegan Polish!

  Hey everyone. How are you doing! After trying the lovely mint green from NCLA (Santa Monica Shore Thing), I got one MORE shade Cookies and Gold from the brand to share with you. It a creamy white base polish with purple, fuchsia, gold, blue and white glitter. This jam-packed glitter shade has such elegance to …

dark blue nail polish
Nail Polish Swatches

Color Club Trippie Hippie Swatches ~ Gorgeous Royal Blue Nail Polish

Hey everyone. How are you doing? I was searching for a blue nail polish to do a Nail Design and my search ended with this Color Club Nail Polish in the shade Trippie Hippie. It’s a gorgeous royal blue with very fine shimmer. This can be a beautiful color for holidays or other events. Read …

perfect formula nail polish review
Nail Polish Swatches

Seche Nail Polish Chocolat Swatches ~ Perfect Fall Nail Color!

Hey everyone. How are you doing! I was searching for fall nail polishes to try out and came across this stunner, Seche Nail Laquer Chocolat. It is obvious from the name that it’s chocolate brown shade and I love how spot on the color is. This is such a pretty shade for fall. Read on …

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Nail Polish Swatches

Born Pretty Multi chome Flakie Nail Polish~ Taj Mahal Swatches

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great day. Here I have a gorgeous multi-chrome flakie nail polish I got from Born Pretty Store. Love the Green to Blue color shift. You can see some gold in there too. You will need to apply this over a black nail polish. The black base really makes …

born pretty chameleon nail polish
Nail Polish Swatches

Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Polish ~ Swatches and Review!

Hey everyone! How are you doing! I got this beautiful chameleon polish from Born Pretty Store. A lovely addition to my nail polish collection. The shade is called Pandora’s Box. This polish have gorgeous green and copper duo-chrome finish to it. This chameleon nail polish needs to applied over a black nail polish to get …

light pink glitter nail polish
Nail Polish Swatches

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish 7 Free Formula ~ Whatever Lola Wants Review and Swatches!

While buying few nail polishes on Amazon, this Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish appeared in suggestion. It surely looked beautiful in the bottle and eventually it ended up in my cart. It’s a lovely shimmer silvery pink nail polish. It looks pink in the bottle but on the nails it appears to be more silver than …