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OPI Yellow Nail Polish ~ Lemonade Stand by Your Man Swatches and Review


OPI yellow Nail Polish

Hey everyone. How are you all doing. I have been little busy last days. Hence couldn’t catch up with you all. Spring calls for bright colors. Today’s swatch queen is OPI  Lemonade Stand by Your Man. It’s an old shade from OPI. Still,I thought of sharing my opinion regarding this OPI Nail Polish. I have had this polish for a very long time now. Kinda forgot about it. Yesterday I was reorganizing my nail polishes and spotted it in a corner standing alone sadly. It’s a sheer glossy bright yellow nail polish. Yellow is a color, most of us remember  in spring or summer. At least I think of yellow in summer. So It’s not a type of color we can wear year long. This polish has very fine yellow gold shimmer. I like the gold undertone in this polish.

  • Pigmentation: If you are a person, who likes well pigmented nail polishes, skip this polish. This  OPI Nail Polish/Lacquer Lemonade Stand by your Man NLD22 polish is extremely sheer.  I have four layers on my nails. I don’t mind layering if I like the color.
  • Formula: It has thin formula and applies evenly on the nail. Though it is sheer, you will see even finish  with each stroke.
  • Finish: This polish has a shimmery glossy finish. One thing I like most about this polish is the micro yellow gold shimmer.
  • Staying power: It has good staying power. It was good for a week with the same shine as day one. Then started to wear off around the tips and I removed it.
  • Where to buy: OPI polishes are available in most of the drug stores and retail stores in US. It’s a bit pricy brand. Price varies in different stores. I haven’t seen OPI polishes in Rite Aid though. You can get it in CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, ULTA, Macys and many other stores. You can get it online from Amazon with a good price. I got mine for $4:50 from Amazon.

Amazon is a place where you can really get stuff for less price. Different seller list items in different prices. So, there’s high possibility to get it for cheap.

bright yellow nail polish

Yellow nail polish for summer

What do you think about this OPI Yellow Nail Polish, share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you. If you love Nail Art, don’t forget to check the Nail Art section for cute easy nail art designs.




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