Hey everyone. How are you all doing. I have been little busy last days. Hence couldn’t catch up with you all. Spring calls for bright colors. So I have a bright color Nail Polish Swatch and Review for you. It’s a OPI Yellow Nail Polish, Lemonade Stand by Your Man. It’s actually a old shade from OPI. I thought of sharing my opinion regarding this OPI Nail Polish.

 OPI Nail Polish/Lacquer Lemonade Stand by your Man NLD22

I have had this polish for a very long time now. I kind of forgot about it. Yesterday I was reorganizing my nail polishes and spotted it in a corner standing alone sadly. I sort of heard inside my head, it saying, “I’m angry and sad that you forgot me”, chill guys. I’m not crazy 😀 So Let’s make the polish happy and talk about it a bit more.

It’s a sheer glossy yellow nail polish. Yellow is a color, most of us remember it on summer. At least I think of yellow in summer. So It’s not a type of color we can wear year long. This polish has very fine yellow gold shimmer. I like the gold undertone in this polish.

  • Pigmentation: If you are a person, who likes well pigmented nail polishes, skip this polish. This  OPI Nail Polish/Lacquer Lemonade Stand by your Man NLD22 polish is extremely sheer. You need to build it many more times to see the proper color. I have four layers on my nails. I don’t mind compromising if I like the color.
  • Formula: I like the formula of this polish. It has thin formula and applies evenly on the nail surface. Though it it sheer, you will see even finish when you apply it.
  • Finish: This polish has a shimmery glossy finish. One thing I like most about this polish is the micro yellow gold shimmer.
  • Staying power: It has good staying power. It was on my nails as I had applied it for a week. Then started to wear off on the tips and I removed it.
  • Where to buy: OPI polishes are available in most of the drug stores and retail stores in US. It’s a bit pricy brand. Price varies in different stores. I haven’t seen OPI polishes in Rite Aid though. You can get it in CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, ULTA, Macys and many other stores. You can get it online from Amazon with a good price. I had got mine for $4:50 from Amazon. In CVS it sells for $10.79. In Walmart $8.72 and so on.

Amazon is a place where you can really get stuff for less price. Different seller list the items in different prices. So you can pick a good deal and get your piece !

OPI Nail Polish ColorsOPI Nail Polish Yellow OPI Nail Polish/Lacquer Lemonade Stand by your Man

What you think about this OPI Yellow Nail Polish, share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you. If you love Nail Art, don’t forget to check the Nail Art section for cute easy nail art designs.