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One stroke Nail Design ~ Soft Autumn Colors

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your day! I have a lovely One stroke Nail Design with soft autumn colors to share. I used acrylic paints for this nail design, even for the base color! It’s a nice alternative to paint your nails using acrylic paints though it may not last longer as it would with nail polish. You can get the colors you prefer for cheap price. Apple Barrel acrylic paints are like $0.50 in Walmart. You can create or customize a particular color by mixing different colors. If you want to paint your nails with out nail polish, then you can simply use acrylic paint to do so. But beforehand you need to apply a good base coat on your nail and after applying the paint, seal it with Top Coat.Let me show you, how I did this nail design using acrylic paint.

One stroke Nail Design


Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Polish
  • One Stroke Nail Art Flat Brush
  • Nail Art Detail Brush
  • Yellow Rhinestones
  • Acrylic Paint – White, Crimson Red. Orangy Red, Yellow and Metallic Burgundy
  • Dotting Tool
  • Top Coat

How I did the Nail Design

Start by applying base coat to protect your natural nails and long lasting manicure. Let your nails dry. Then Paint the nails with a white polish or white paint. If you wish to use white paint like me, seal the paint with a layer of top coat for further design.

To paint the colorful background, I followed one stroke technique and in just one step, got this beautiful marble finish. To make the colors blend easy and to create the marble effect, thin down the paint by adding some water. Load your Nail Art Flat Brush half with yellow and half with crimson red, make a horizontal stroke on the bottom and then position the brush vertically and drag the paint to the tip of your nail.

I made some one stroke flowers and red leaves to decorate it further. For the flowers, you do not need to dilute the paint with water. In fact, we need the paint to be of right consistency. Using the same flat brush loaded with half crimson red and half yellow, make some “U” shapes to create flower petals.

Outline the flower petals using metallic burgundy color loaded on a detail brush. With Yellow paint and the same detail brush, make yellow dot in the center of flowers and spread the paint by dragging it upwards.

I used a orange based red on the detail brush to paint the leaves. You can add little yellow with crimson red to create alike color. Make a dot for the base of the leaf, then gently pull the brush to a point. That’s a simple way to make leaves. Wait for the paint to dry and add some clear polish/top coat over the yellow dots. Add yellow rhinestones using your dotting tool. Seal the whole design with Top coat.

See the Video Tutorial below for a clear idea

Check out my YouTube Channel for more more Nail Art Designs.

This was the first YouTube Nail Art video I recorded, and so is the reason for bad lighting. Hope you liked this One Stroke nail Design. What do you think about using acrylic paint instead of polish?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you:)

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check my Nail Art section for more awesome Nail Art Tutorials!



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