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No Rub Nail Polish Remover ~ Easy Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish?

Hi everyone, wish you all a happy day. Today I have this No Rub Nail Polish Remover experience to share with you all which everyone is talking about. It has created quite a stir among nail polish lovers like me. After reading it from everywhere, I thought why not try it myself.

No Rub Nail Polish RemoverNo Rub Nail Polish Remover

I did this heavy Blue Glitter Nail Tips Design the other day and used this No Rub Nail Polish Remover to Blue Glitter Nail Tipstake it off. This product claims to remove glitter and nail art without rubbing. So I will share my experience of how it stood on its claim.You can get it from Walmart or No-Rub website.  It is available in two variations, one for Glitter/Nail Art and other for dark polishes. I bought the Glitter version.

No Rub Nail Polish Remover

As you will open the lid, the pink gel color will flatter you. Do Not sniff this stuff. It has strong Acetone smell and you can feel it as soon as you open the jar. It is very gloopy and gel like consistency. It has the instruction for polish removal in three steps.


  1. Dip one fingernail at a time coating the nail fully and Close the Jar Lid Tightly.
  2. Let it sit on nails for four minutes and do not Rub.
  3. Press paper towel over nail and wipe off. Wash hands with soap and rinse.


No Rub Nail Polish Remover


It feels extremely cold when the Acetone gel is on the nails. This stuff is highly sticky and do not keep it any longer than instructed. If it dries then that would be hell of a mess to clean.

No Rub Nail Polish Remover

See below How it did the job!

No Rub Nail Polish Remover

It didn’t fully remove the glitter but not bad at all. You can see the residual in the corner and on the very tip. I had used nail glue for glitters and four layers of nail polish. Still it cleaned up well. Check the next image to see how it looks after washing my hands.

No Rub Nail Polish Remover

You can notice the thumb and index finger is fully clean while the other nails still have the residue. It is because I used a tooth brush to scrub the thumb and index fingernails and it got rid of the residue. On the packaging, it says wash hands with soap and rinse but that doesn’t get rid of the stickiness. You have to scrub hard to clean it fully. For me I used a tooth brush and it made the job easy. The other three nails, I used a regular polish remover to clean the residual. It did dry my cuticles in spite of it’s claim of not a drying product.

Words of Caution!

  • Do not use a cotton pad or cotton balls with this No Rub Nail Polish Remover. It will stick to the gel and that would be a whole new mess to clean.
  • Do not let it stay on your nails any longer than instructed.
  • Do not try to sniff into the Jar. The smell is extremely strong and it can be irritating if you do.
  • If you are allergic to acetone smell, then skip this.

Tips to make the job more easy

  • Set the timer while using this product.
  • Use a Nail cleaning brush or tooth brush while washing your hand.
  • It is drying on the skin. So apply a hydrating oil of moisturizer after clean up.

My overall opinion on this is It was able to remove the glitter but cleaning is messy. I do not feel comfortable with the stickiness. I’m not sure if I will buy it second time. Will I recommend this to others? Well, as I didn’t feel comfortable using this, so I can not recommend it. But, hey, you can try it and who knows you may like it!

Have you tried No Rub Nail Polish Remover? How was your experience! Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you.

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