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NCLA Nail Polish Cookies and Gold Swatches ~ Pretty and Vegan Polish!

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Hey everyone. How are you doing! After trying the lovely mint green from NCLA (Santa Monica Shore Thing), I got one MORE shade Cookies and Gold from the brand to share with you. It a creamy white base polish with purple, fuchsia, gold, blue and white glitter. This jam-packed glitter shade has such elegance to it. Somehow, I feel this would be a lovely color for bridesmaids.

  • Pigmentation: It has such good pigmentation for a chunky glitter polish. Most chunky glitter shades with solid color base generally hide the glitters but not this one. It gives full opacity with two layers. I have two coats of it on my nails.
  • Formula: NCLA has no Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehde Resin and Camphor! Not tested on animals. Isn’t it awesome to have a beautiful polish such as this?And  the charm is, it’s vegan! The consistency is little thick, still it goes on smooth on the nails covering the wholw space evenly. I was very satisfied how the glitters spread all over nicely. I did little dabbing to cover some sparse areas but it wasn’t that major application issue! This polish dries fast and once it’s dry, it doesn’t budge.
  • Finish: I love the multi-color dotted finish of this polish. It sort of looks like colorful mosaic on the nails. However the glitters doesn’t look shiny as they look in the bottle. As the white base covers them while application. They look more like small dots than glitters. It still look pretty just not glittery.
  • Staying power: I wore it nearly a week with no chipping. It was looking nice but I could see some cracks in the polish in middle of my nails after few days. Even with these crack lines, the polish did not chip. Seems my base coat did a good job to keep the polish intact. Then I sealed it with a layer of Top Coat. In my opinion, A good Base Coat and Top Coat is necessary for this shade. That way you can get more wear time out of this polish.
  • Where to buy: You can buy this polish on NCLA official website You can also get it on and with good deals.

 white glitter nail art

 white glitter nail polish

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 NCLA Nail Polish

cute easy nail designs

I did this beautiful gemstone design over this polish. Love the elegance of it. Check out the Tutorial HERE

How do you like this multi-color glitter nail polish from NCLA? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this thorough and detailed review of NCLA Cookies and Gold. It’s a plus that it is both vegan and free of many toxic chemicals! Very pretty!

    1. Thanks for liking it Abbee!

  2. peter says:

    This is so looking good. I can visualize how this nail polish will look on my partner’s nail. I’m for sure going for this NCLA.
    Any idea how long this nail polish can last on the nail?

    1. I’m sure your partner will love it. It stayed nearly a week on my nails with a good base coat!

  3. Mary-Ann says:

    I like the combination of the colors very much. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for liking it Mary-Ann!

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