nars nail polish swatches

nars nail polish swatches

Hey everyone! How are you doing! I came across this NARS Nail Polish, Disco Inferno on Pinterest and loved the color. Then I realized, It was their 2013 spring limited edition collection. Back then, high-end products were a big no for me. Now also I feel most of the luxury polishes are highly over priced. Few months back I got my first NARs Polish in the shade Purple Rain and was stunned by it. After the experience with Purple Rain, I got attracted to try this shade too. But the price was a concern. Luckily, When I checked on Amazon, there was so many NARs polishes available for half the price. I got this one for $9. Check it out here. Grab few shades if you like! Not sure but maybe they are discontinued shades, hence low price. Whatever is the reason, I’m happy I could get it for half!

Disco Inferno is a shimmery silver base with green and lavender duo-chrome.  I would say the duo chrome is mainly dominated by green. There’s a slight hint of lavender. Looks Pretty but I was expecting more of lavender tint. Still I love it. Looks gorgeous. You can notice in the swatch images, how the color shows up from different angles.

  • Pigmentation: This polish is super sheer, that may be disappointing for some of you. But it looks
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    incredibly pretty after multiple layers. Even after three layers of it, you can still see the tip line of your nail. In the swatch images I have five coats on my nails. If you don’t mind layering coat after coat, then you will love it. It would be great to layer over dark polishes.

  • Formula: It has very good formula. Applies very smoothly. Consistency is more on the thinner side but not runny kind. Dries quickly. So the layering was not much of a bother.
  • Finish: It has high shimmer duo-chrome finish. I love how this polish appears on the nail while application. It ‘s like some has sprinkled this gorgeous looking fairy dust.
  • Staying Power: I wore this polish with a base coat and no top coat. It stayed put for little over a week. I’m impressed with the wear time. I can see myself wearing this polish a lot. So very happy with the longevity.
  • Where to buy: Since it was a limited edition and that too quiet an old shade. I doubt, if you can get it on any store. But You can definitely buy it online. As I said above, many shades of NARs Polish is available for half of the price on Amazon. You can also check for cheap deals. Many seller on ebay have listed it under $10.

NARS Nail Polish Disco Inferno Swatches

long lasting nail polish

duo chrome nail polish

Black as base polish
One layer of NARS Disco Inferno over Black!

How do you like this NARs Polish? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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