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Nail Art Design for Prom ~ Copper Colored Nails

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Hey Divas..I have this Gorgeous Copper colored Nails Design for you. I’m not sure why, but I named it as Prom nails. When I finished with this Design, inside I felt like, oh..this will look awesome for prom 🙂 But you can paint this design any time you want. Prom is the occasion when everyone wants to look perfect and beautiful..say it about the dress, makeup or sandals..So don’t forget about your manicure..Show it off with this gorgeous Nail Design..I chose copper color for this manicure.

Gold Glitter Nails


Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Wet n Wild
  • Copper Acrylic Paint
  • Metallic Gold Beads
  • French Manicure Guide
  • Small Dotting Tool to apply Beads
  • Gold Glitter Nail Polish
  • A paint brush to apply acrylic paint
  • Top Coat by Maybelline

How I did the Nail Design

I started by applying base coat on my nails..After the polish dried fully, I placed the french manicure stickers to create a half moon manicure on all the nails. Before placing the stickers, you need to make sure, your polish is completely dry otherwise it will drag the polish when removing it. That will ruin your effort and manicure.

I checked and didn’t find any copper nail polish in my collection. So, I’m using copper acrylic paint. You can use a nail polish instead. After the french manicure guide was on place, I applied the copper paint and removed the sticker immediately. This will give the manicure a crisp line.

Let the paint dry and apply two coats of Gold Glitter Polish to give the design jewel effect. Again give it some time to dry. Now apply clear polish on the manicure line and place golden beads using the small dotting tool. Seal the whole Nail Art with top coat. You are ready to show off your awesome nails 🙂








See the video tutorial below for a clear idea.

Check out my YouTube Channel for more Gorgeous Nail Art Tutorials

If you have any questions or feedback, just leave a comment below. I would be happy to answer all your concerns.

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by!!



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  1. Wow the nails design looks really really nice. Great job.


    1. Thank you so much for liking it!!

  2. Awesome designs, can’t wait to try a few out! Thanks for providing a video for us 🙂 So girly <3

    1. Thank you Mary. I’m sure you will love more once you try them 🙂

  3. Hi Demi,

    Your site looks very professional and makes for an easy read, especially when you are not familiar with the subject. I think you have covered it all! Cheers Jerry

    1. Hi Jerry.Thank you for stopping by site and liking it!

  4. Hey Demi, I love that copper shade – very creative of you to use an acrylic paint rather than a nail polish but you would never know!

    1. Hi Claire, Thank you for liking it !

  5. Hi Demi,

    Your Nails always look so great. You’re very talented. Do you have designs for all of the holidays?

    1. Hi Ed, i have nail designs for most of the holidays. I will keep them posted soon 🙂

  6. Really cute design Demi!

    1. Thanks Amber!

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