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Nail Polish Swatches

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Swatches ~ Porcelain Party

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Swatches

Hey everyone! How are you doing! Hope you had a rocking Valentines Day. I ran out of my white polish, Sinful Colors Snow me White recently. While searching for an affordable option, I came across Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party in Amazon and it seemed a good bargain. It is a lovely creamy white shade with glossy finish. Read on to find out more on Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Porcelain Party in the swatches below. I have three layers on my nails in the images below.

  • Pigmentation: Porcelain Party have good pigmentation but I needed three layers to have clean and full coverage. First layer went on super streaky. Second coat did smooth it a bit but not to my liking. I had to slap on one more layer.
  • Formula: So far I was happy with the formula of Maybelline Color Show line, but this shade is not like the ones I tried. Consistency feels thick and takes much time to dry. Application is not comfortable. You got to spend some time to smooth it out for streak free finish, Still I could notice some brush strokes.
  • Finish: I like the semi-gloss finish it gives but The bad formula makes it not interesting enough.  It seems I need to get one more white polish.
  • Staying power: It chipped the second day. I had base coat on but didn’t top it with a top coat.
  • Where to buy: Maybelline color show nail polishes are available in all the drug stores and retail stores such as Walmart, Target. Check or for good deals!

bad nail polishes

white nails polish

white nails polish


What is your favorite white nail polish? I want to try a new white shade but not sure which one to pick. Please leave your suggestion in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Grace says:

    This Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party nail polish you found looks really good on you. I’ve been looking for a really nice white polish and always seem to find ones that need a few coatings to get the opacity I want. This one though looks like the solution I’m looking for.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Grace, This looks good on nails but I struggled with the bad formula. Let me know how it worked for you!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Your nails look quite good. I’m not a big fan of nail polish but my friend told me about this so I said I’ll check it out. I guess some of the problems you had with the white wouldn’t be the same for all the colours except for probably the chipping. But it seems like a good buy considering the price of it. I’m looking at them on Amazon and I like the colour selection. These seem definitely worth a try!

    1. Hi Lindsey, Thank you for liking the nails. Yes, it is a good bargain. Let me know how it worked if you give try this shade!

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