You have your manicure so well done with your favorite polish and all exited to have it on for days.  But it’s make your manicure last 10 dayshighly disappointing when you notice that your manicure doesn’t last long enough and ruins the excitement. Being a polish lover I have experienced it most of the times. So, here I have some easy tips and tricks to make your manicure last for a good 10 days.

  • Buff your nails

Buffing your nail surface will help you in getting rid of the ridges and any peeling or dead skin. Use a 4 Step Nail Buffer to make the surface smooth and clear. This will make your manicure stay a lot longer.

  • Clean excess oil from your nails

Nails have natural oil on it and it may result in chipping or peeling of your manicure. Take a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe your nails before applying any polish. This will remove excess oil or any residue and make your nails clean and dry!

  • Do not Soak your nails prior to Polish Application

Always paint your nails when its dry. Salon manicure mostly involves soaking the nails before polish application. Nails expands by absorbing moisture and shrinks after it dries. It will cause peeling from the edges. So if you go to salon, tell your manicurist to paint your nails after it is fully dry.

  • Push down the excess cuticle

Pushing down the grown cuticle using a cuticle pusher is a must to do step before applying nail polish. So never ignore grown cuticles if you want to make your manicure to stay longer. Applying polish over grown cuticles will lift up the polish soon resulting in chipping. I strongly suggest never cut grown cuticles. Pushing it to the nail root would be a very good practice.

  • Apply Base Coat

You do not want to skip this step. I can not emphasize more how important is to use base coat before painting your nails. Some people think this is just an extra step but it is highly recommended to apply base coat before any polish. Base coat acts as a primer for nails. The way you use makeup primer to make your make-up last all day, Base Coat serves the same purpose for nails.

  • Seal your Manicure with Top Coat

Applying a layer of long lasting good quality Top Coat Polish will add to the longevity of your manicure. I normally apply top coat in every few days to make my manicure last longer.

  • Seal your free edges

It is the free edges of your nail, where your polish starts peel or chip. Always seal your free edges with each step of polish application to really wrap your nails in your favorite polish. This step will add some extra life to the manicure.

  • Wear Gloves while Doing Dishes

Dish washing detergents can be really harsh for your hand and nails. If you do your dishes with bare hands, it will make your manicure wear off soon. Always try to wear gloves while doing dishes.

Hope you like these simple tips to make your manicure last longer. If you have any questions or concerns,  leave them in the comment box below. I would be really happy to help you out.