Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing great. I Got a gray nail polish from L’Oreal, Stroke of Midnight and I really like it. Gray has been quiet a trend presently. I didn’t have a gray color polish in my collection and now I have it. Stroke of Midnight is a deep gray with full of micro shimmers and I feel its the best gray nail polish. It looks really nice on my warmer skin tone. I felt good by taking a break from all bright summer colors and painted my nails with this pretty polish. It had been a while since I painted my nails with a dark polish. Sometimes I wear black polish and love my vampy nails but it looks  harsh. On the other hand this subtle dark grey looks charming on nails.

L'Oreal Nail Polish ~ Stroke of Midnight


  • Pigmentation: Stroke of Midnight is a moderately pigmented polish. It goes a bit sheer on first L'Oreal Nail Polish ~ Stroke of Midnightlayer and two layers doesn’t make it opaque. So you need to apply three coats of it to get the actual color.
  • Formula: I’m not impressed by the formula of this polish. It dries very quickly and doesn’t give enough time to work on nails. It’s kind of hard to smooth out the polish as it dries instantly. So one must act fast to make it work.
  • Finish: With three layers of this gray polish, it creates a nice glossy shine on nails. Looking close to the bottle it appears to have lot of micro shimmers and it adds a nice effect to your nails.
  • Staying power: As far as staying power of this polish is concerned, it is disappointing. It chipped on the third day even though I had base coat on my nails. That’s all about the longevity of Stroke of Midnight!
  • Where to buy: Loreal polishes are available in most of the drug stores and retail stores in US. buy cheap nail polish online You can get it in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target

I spotted this polish in Rite Aid and checked it in Amazon later and bought it with a cheap deal. This is my favorite way to buy cheap nail polish online. It retail stores, It costs about $5.99 but I bought is for $3. You can check eBay for cheap deals too.

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My conclusion on this L’Oreal Polish! I really like the color and finish and even though with some disappointments I like it! How do you like the color of Stroke of Midnight. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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