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Loose Nail Art Glitter Powder ~ Review


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Nail Glitter Powder Laser Sequins
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Hey Everyone! Hope you are having a fun day! I got this beautiful black color glitter dust from Born Pretty Store! It has stunning holographic shine to it. Almost feels like dark night sky with the twinkling effect. It comes in a clear plastic jar and contains approx. 10 ml product. These glitters are multi-purpose! Not only for nails but you can also use them for other crafts like cell phone decoration, card making etc.

  • How to apply: Paint your nails with a black nail polish. Make sure you have base coat underneath black polish to prevent staining. Place a paper towel under your hand to avoid the glitter fall out on the floor/carpet.  Add a layer of Top Coat/Clear Polish. Sprinkle the glitter powder using a fan brush. Dust off the excess glitter and seal it with a shiny Top Coat. You can also dip your finger in the glitter jar to get it on your nails. I used a metal Cuticle Pusher to apply this glitter on my nails. The back side of the cuticle pusher has a spoon like shape and I found it easy to get the full coverage glitter look.
  • How to remove: You can remove it the way you remove nail polish using polish remover. I would suggest to use a acetone polish remover when ever you need to get glitters off. Non-Acetone polish removers takes longer time and lot of rubbing! But there’s an easy way to remove glitters. As I mentioned above, you should use a base coat polish. Use a peel off base coat instead on the nails which you wish to add glitter on. Later when you want to remove it, all you need to do is peel it off. Simple and takes no time to get rid of stubborn glitters.
  • Where to buy: You can get it from Born Pretty Store! Use the coupon code DEMIG10 for 10% discount on everything, If wish to buy from their online store! The glitter mentioned above is Ultra-thin Nail Glitter Powder Laser Sequins in the color – 278

See the beautiful effect it creates! Certainly makes Nail Art easy and pretty! Click on the image below to see the Nail Art Tutorial!

Black Glitter Nail Art

If you have any queries, leave them in the comments below. I would be happy help you.

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