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Julie G Nail Polish Swatches ~ My Private Palace Review

Hey everyone, happy Thursday to you all. Last weekend I was on my regular drugstore tour and I saw this gorgeous shimmery Julie G nail polish My Private Palace in Rite Aid. Oh my gosh, such a pretty color. I literally felt like it was calling my name. I had to get it. So Let’s get to this Julie G nail polish swatches.

My Private Palace, the name gives it a royal delicate feeling. I must give it to Julie G for the Name. In the bottle it looks like a white gold and silver shimmer. But it is a bright yellow gold shimmery nail polish. The yellow undertone is not overwhelming though. It’s basically a neutral yellow gold micro glitter shade.

Julie G Nail Polish Swatches


  • Pigmentation: Julie G My Private palace is a sheer shimmery polish. You can build it to wear it on its own or layer it over your favorite polish.
  • Formula: I love the formula of this Polish. The consistency is just right. As it is a sheer glitter polish you need to apply multiple layers for desired opacity. I have four layers on my nails.
  • Finish: Needless to say it has shimmery finish. But I feel it displays a nice metallic finish when worn on its own. you can notice in the images that it has a hint of silver color too.
  • Staying power: Adding to the quality of the polish, It stays put for quite a long time. I wore this polish with a Blue Glitter Nail Design and It was on my nails looking fabulous for a week and a half. Then i removed it. I did not notice any wear off or chipping.
  • Where to buy: This Polish is available at Rite Aid. You can buy it at Jessi’s Girl official Website too.


Julie G Nail Polish My Private Palace

Julie G Nail Polish Review


See below how this Polish looks with a Matte Top Coat.

Julie G Nail Polish Review


Let me know what you think of this Nail Polish or If you have any Julie G polishes. How do you like them. I would be happy to hear from you. Check out my Nail Polish Swatches for more colorful polishes.




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  1. […] pretty. I’m a glitter freak, so when I get a chance, I always add a touch of glitter! I used My Private Polish by Julie G for my nail tip. I love this polish, a very pretty and unique glitter […]

  2. What a beautiful polish! It kind of looks like the whole dress color debate, all in one! :p

    I wish I could use polish more often, or manicure my nails as gorgeously as yours. I work in a very physically demanding job, and nail polish is forbidden… long nails would only break on me. I do cheat with a light shimmer sometime, though. Right now I have a very thin purple shimmer on, but I love the idea of a gold shimmer, too. Four coats? A light dusting should slip right by the dress code~!

    1. Hi Lauren, I can understand your situation. But you must be having off days (weekends?). You should pamper yourself then. I love deep colors, so I apply multiple layer of any polish 🙂

  3. Lovely finish! It’s so hard to find genuinely good polishes with staying power. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks Heather. Yes, Julie G has quite a few good polishes. Do try them 🙂

  4. Hii Demi What gorgeous close-up pics of your Julie G nail polish. Makes me want to get the nail polish out straight away. I tend to put it on for special occasions as gardening wrecks it. Do you have any tips for painting your right hand (if you’re right handed) because I always really struggle to get the varnish on neatly?

    1. Hi Annie, Glad that you liked this polish. And also thanks for giving me a new topic to write. Though I don’t paint my right hand often, but I have few tips to share. I post them soon. For now, the simplest way is to use sticker. I have an article on this (but on left hand). But this can be done on right hand without much effort –

  5. Hi Demi!,
    Great detailed review on high end nail polish, These images are spectacular! I had no idea there was so much to know about it! My girlfriend will either be impressed, or worried , when I am able to discuss formula and pigmentation with her:)


    1. Loved your comment Marant. Personally, I will love if my husband talks to me about polish formula rather than sports or tech stuff. So I hope you are going to impress your girlfriend 🙂

  6. This polish is pretty! Thanks for showing it to us.
    When you find more beauties, let us know

    1. Thanks Roslyn, glad that you liked this color. I am planning to post 2-3 swatches every week. So feel free to drop by anytime.

  7. Hello!
    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it!
    This nail polish is so beautiful! I am definitely going to purchase on my next trip to rite aid!
    I will check your other posts for any colorful nail polishes! i love color!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Katerina, glad that you liked it!

  8. Gorgeous coloring there, I always preferred the shimmery stuff over opaque colors. I need to get back into doing my nails.

    1. Thanks Sarah for the like and comment. I do prefer bright and deep colors. Hence I put layers of polish even if it is opaque. 🙂

  9. Hey there!
    im a guy that doesnt prefer to use nail polish on myself. However I do remember my girlfriend doing it to me in high school because we were bored lol.
    Those nails look amazing though, You might catch me lookin at you with that polish on 😉
    Thanks for this post!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. he he..thanks for the comment Matt! For me, doing nail art is hobby and passion. I paint my nails and then within few hours, I remove them do another one 🙂

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