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Hey everyone, hope your day is going well. Today I have Julie G Nail Polish ~ Freshly Squeezed for you. You might have come across Julie G polishes in Rite Aid. I have been seeing this polish for quiet a long time sitting on the display, but never felt the “Oh-I-love-this-color” feeling. Recently I was just killing my time in Rite Aid scrutinizing every single nail polish. I just fell in love with this polish. It’s a lovely light peach polish with lots of pink shimmer. The shimmers are not that visible in the bottle. But as I said if you observe it in detail, you will see a lot of subtle pink shimmer. This is the perfect nail color for spring or summer.  The unique thing in Julie G Freshly Squeezed is the color and the subtle pink shimmer combination.

Peach Nail Polish colors

  • Pigmentation : This polish is not very pigmented. You need to apply 3 to 4 coats for it to show its true color.
  • Formula: The formula is very sheer but you definitely can build it up. I applied 4 layers.
  • Finish: It has slight glossy finish. The shimmer content is not very much visible for a casual Pink Shimmerglance. But It certainly adds a lovely effect.
  • Staying power : This Polish have very good staying power . I did a Nail Art over this design and it stayed put for almost two weeks. Or I can say It might have been stayed  longer if I had not removed it.
  • Where to buy: This Polish retail for $3.99 at Riteaid. That’s quite affordable. You can buy it at Jessi’s Girl official Website too.

Julie G Nail Polish ~ Freshly Squeezed


Julie G Nail Polish

Let me know what you think of this Nail Polish or If you have any Julie G polishes. How do you like them. I would be happy to hear from you.




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  2. Lovely colour; not sure it would suit me as my hands are suntanned after summer and pale colours look odd on me. I do like your site and will be making return visits!

    1. Thanks Sabrina for your like.

  3. Hey Demi, that color does look nice. This is something I have no experience with because I don’t wear nail polish. But it is a color that I think looks good, so I would buy it for my daughter.

    1. Hi Tavis, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it will definitely look good on your daughter’s nail.

  4. Hey Demi! Great post! This nail polish looks like something my girlfriend will like. She’s been looking for a better color for a long time. I’m going to bookmark this page to show her later!

    Thank you for winning me brownie points with her! 😛


    1. Hi Derek, thanks for the like. On a lighter note, how about gifting this color to your girlfriend as a surprise 😉

  5. hi!
    well this is an interesting shade! It seems to shade with the lighting (the last 2 pictures are drastically different in terms of color no?). I like that you provide details such as the finish and the formula. You can see it is sheer but I had no idea that it would be so sheer you would need 4 coats. I can see this shade being worn in the summer time 🙂

    1. Thanks for the like Emily! Yes, I was also surprised seeing how different last 2 pics are! Yes, I put 4 coats to get that peach-yellow finish!

  6. I love the color. You are so right it will be great this spring. Nice for yellows or peach. Wow 2 weeks! I can never get nail polish to stay more than 2 or 3 days. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Regina, thanks for the like. I too love changing colors frequently. But somehow I didn’t feel like taking this color off.

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