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Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fun day. Few months back I came across Jenna Hipp Nail Polish in Costco. A set of eight mini polish bottles and the charm is, it just cost $10. I thought it to be a good bargain and got it. This mini polish set have good color variety. The best thing about the Jenna Hipp Nail Polish set is the “five free formula”. It comes with a nail file too. Below are the swatches, I have two coats of each shade on my nails.

Jenna Hipp Nail PolishIMG_5076IMG_5079

Below is American Pie, a navy blue shade!

Jenna Hipp Nail Polish

Rose Tart is a deep pink color and I liked this shade the most!

Jenna Hipp Nail Polish review

Tres Parfait is a lovely mauve shade!

Jenna Hipp Nail Polish review

Creme de Cantaloupe is a peach shade with slight orange tint!

Jenna Hipp Collection

Thin mint is a nice minty shade!

Jenna Hipp Collection

Marshmallow Fondanta is a pastel yellow color with green undertone!

Jenna Hipp Collection

Pink Lady Finger is a beautiful Coral shade!

Jenna Hipp Nail Polish

Violet Eclair is a deep purple shade and have lovely shine to it!

Jenna Hipp Nail Polish


  • Pigmentation:Pigmentation varies from shade to shade. However, it’s not bad overall. Two layers is necessary to get opacity.
  • Formula: Formula wise it’s not very impressive. It requires careful application as consistency in these polishes is little thick.  It is mentioned on the lebel as “quick dry and five free formula” and for the price, I do think it is a good bargain to have variety of colors in your collection. It does dry fast.
  • Finish: Only the purple shade have shine to it and all other shades have creme finish.
  • Staying power: It is instructed on the packaging to apply base coat and Top Coat for each shades. Even with base coat and top coat, all the shades started to wear off around three – four days. I want to mention, I didn’t use Top Coat and Base Coat from Jena Hipp brand.
  • Where to buy: Jenna Hipp polishes are only available in Costco store and her website. I have not seen this brand in any other store. But you can get it from Amazon or eBay. Price may vary depending on where you purchase!

Have you tried Jenna Hipp Polishes? Do you think it as a good bargain?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would be happy to hear from you ?

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  1. Hi Demi, Five free formulas are always the best to buy and these five colours would look fantastic added to my collection. Are they available in Australia and how would they cost if so? The Violet would look great on my next design. Cheers Tracy 🙂

  2. Hmm, this seems like a perfect gift for my partner, she’s into all of this stuff but I don’t think she has heard of the Jenna Hipp Nail Polish, and by the looks of this product – might be a great gift for her birthday next month.

    I really like the price though, so that’s a bonus!

    Thanks for this,

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