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After Reading This You will Stop Biting Your Nails!

Are you a nail biter and struggling to quit? Go no further, I will share with you some stop nail biting productseasy tips on how to stop biting nails. I used to be a pro nail biter and with my struggle and experience I’m saying that although it’s difficult to break the habit but not impossible. Like any addiction, this too is an addiction but you don’t need to go to rehab to get rid of it 🙂 There’s fairly easy treatment available for you to cure your nail biting problem and you can do it on your own!

Why do people bite their nails?

It’s important to find the reason within yourself! What is the cause that put you into this habit. Well, none of us can say when and why it started. Mainly the reason is boredom and anxiety according to WebMD. So, there you have the reason.

  • Reward yourself

Be determined to break the habit and stay motivated by rewarding yourself. Like if you could manage stop biting your nails for a week, give yourself a shopping trip or a nice pair of jewellery or any such thing that will keep you motivated.

  • Punish yourself

It works the same way as rewarding. Punish yourself for not keeping up with the promise. Like If you bite nails then don’t watch your favorite TV show or any thing that would make you realize the worth of not being able to stop.

  • Take help from others

Tell about your decision of quitting nail biting habit to your friends and family. So if they see you biting your nails, they can remind you to stop.

  • Get your nails done

Go to a Nail salon and get your nails done in acrylic, gel or anything you like. That will certainly help you as acrylic is not your natural nail. In other way, the money you have spent for the nails will remind you not to bite them. You can also get Press on fake nails and apply it over your natural nails. So that you will not be able to reach to the natural nails. In this way underneath, it will grow healthy and strong.

  • Be honest to yourself

Many times, we take the decision and later just scrap it. I have done it. For the first time, when I decided to stop biting my nails, I could hold onto my decision only for a week. So its important to be honest with yourself and stand firm on the decision.

  • Choose a good alternative to satisfy your anxiety and boredom

One thing you gotta convince yourself that biting nails will certainly not help you get over the anxiety or the problem you are facing. I mean, it just takes minutes to bite off nails. what after that! Do you ever find yourself out of anxiety when you’re done biting your nails? No! Right?

When ever you feel anxious, lonely or bored, listen to your favorite music and just calm yourself down. Read books or play with your phone or whatever you like.

  • Use Anti-biting Nail products.

It nothing helps, then there’s always a solution. Use Anti Nail biting products to keep yourself
from this habit. These products are like clear polishes that have bad taste and whenever you try to bite your nails, you will be forced to take it out.

I can personally vouch for above tips since they helped me stopped biting my nails. Have you followed any of these tips? Or do you have any tips to share? Have you used/know of any ‘stop nail biting’ products? I would be happy to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. XOXO!

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  1. I enjoyed your site, with a lot of product information. I didn’t realize how many new products there are today. This post sparked my interest and reminded me that I used to be a nail biter in high school. It might have been because of my nerves, as I was a very shy girl in school. The way that I was able to stop the bad habit was I started to paint my nails. Just the taste of the nail polish and the feeling of it between my teeth, quickly ended that problem. I then would grow my nails and were always painted. I had an every Sunday night ritual of doing my own manicure and then on Thursday, it would be touch up night. Too funny. I had long painted nails the rest of my high school years and never had the issue of biting them again. Boy, the nail polish industry has come along way!!! Thanks for the information and the trip down memory lane. 🙂

    1. Hi Laurie, I can relate to you as I was a nail biter and struggled to get over it. The nail polish addiction finally rescued me. Now there is product available for almost any issues. If nothing works out, there’s still solution in a easy way!

  2. I am a big time nail biter but I always thought of it as a bad habit that’s hard to curb. Never knew that it is associated with anxiety.

    Manicure did help me – for a while. Eating something to keep my mouth busy while I am at work actually ‘help’ me so much more. Either way, I have to really get to the root of this anxiety driven problem otherwise I will have brittle nails all the time!

    1. Hi Cathy..Most of us are not aware of the fact that anxiety is one of the main cause of nail biting. I’m glad that I could help you finding it. Hope you get over with the nail biting habit soon!

  3. I was never a bad nail biter, but I use to kinda chew on them when I got bored. I overcame it when I got a chip right in my front tooth. Everytime I’d chew on my nails the filling would pop out and I’ve have to have the dentist fix it. Now I play with my earrings.

    1. wow! that is a nice story. Glad that you overcame this habit 🙂

  4. Hi there! This is a great article. I have been a nail biter since I was little. I was able to quit in my late teens but I started up again during stressful times. My son just told me a few months ago that it really bugs him to hear me bite my nails. So once again I am trying to quit. But this are really stressful for me right now so I think I will try some of the products you have recommended. Thanks for the information!!

    1. I can imagine how stressful to bring up kids. But we need to make ourselves understand that nail biting is not a solution. Though this is involuntary, but with little alertness, it can be stopped. Yes, though I have not used these products personally, I have read good reviews from others. Give it a try and let me know your comments.

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