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No more Brittle Nails..Nail Growth Tips that ACTUALLY Work

how to grow strong nails? That’s a much debated topic. But there are few basic tips which will help you maintain your nails in good shape and strength.

How to grow Strong Nails

I remember my struggle for long and healthy nails. Long before I became a nail artist, when I was a regular teenager, I had no idea on how to take care of nails. I used to think , nails..oh..they take care of themselves. What is there to worry about nails? All I used to do was bite them off. Then when I started developing interest in nail art, I realized that, nails do need special care like any other part of body like skin, hair etc. I will walk you through some simple steps that will ease your struggle for long and strong nails.

  • Do not Cut Your Cuticles.

You would have heard about cutting your grown cuticles. That’s a big no no! That would affect adversely on your nail health. Cuticles protect your nails from several types of infections and bacterias getting into the nail root.

If your cuticles are very dry, then apply cuticle oil and massage it gently. Let it absorb and make it soft.  Then push back the cuticles into the nail roots using a cuticle Pusher but do not cut them. Healthy cuticles promote nail growth.

  • Trimming and Filing Nails

As our hair needs trimming for healthy growth, same goes for nails. Trim and file your nails regularly. I generally file them once a week. There’s a common mistake we all tend to do is filing nails in every direction, this will brake your nails. Always file your nails in one direction.

  •  Nails Need Moisture

As our skin needs moisture, nails need it too. We all apply hand moisturizer and think that nails got their share too. But in reality, it doesn’t happen that way. So apply a nail moisturizer or cuticle oil daily before sleeping.  If you are experiencing constant breakage in nails, then I would recommend applying a nail strengthener on a regular basis.

  • Use Acetone Free Polish Remover

If you are a nail polish lover like me, you will be trying out lots of colorful polishes. While removing nail argon oilpolish, use acetone free polish remover. This may take little longer to remove your polish but good for your nail health. Acetone based removers make your nails dry and prone to breakage and chipping.

When ever you remove polish from your nails, always wash your hand and apply generous amount of moisturizer or argon oil. I prefer to use Argan oil instead of moisturizer.

  • Let your Nails Breath

Let your nails stay without any polish for a day or two in every couple of weeks . If your nails are covered with polishes all the time, then it will develop yellowness on the nail bed. I leave my nails free from polish at least one day a week.

  • Take Vitamins

Take Biotin supplements. Biotin helps growth in nails and hair as well.

These are some simple steps and easy to follow tips which will give your nails health strength and shape. Let me know how you liked these tips and if you follow any other nail care routine.

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  1. HI This is a fun site. One thing I posted on my blog for stronger, healthier nails is a mix of the biotin and gelatin. Have you heard of Knox gelatin? It really does strenghten the nails and the two mixed together are really powerful. Good luck with the site.

    1. Hi Cawells..Thank you for stopping by..I have heard about it but never used. Thank you for sharing it. I will surely try!

  2. Demi, this is the page I need. My nails are so rough and when they get just a little grown out they break right off and I have to clip all of the down to same size. This is a great website with beautiful structure, color and love the stylish nails just wish I could grow mine out to do things like you are showing. Very great website that I will be bookmarking for future reference. I know my granddaughter would love this site!

    1. Thanks Caroline for the nice comment. I used to have these problem with my nails some time back and most of the tips I have shared are tried and tested ones. Hope it will help you too.

  3. ◦Do not Cut Your Cuticles. This is one of my biggest issues, I don’t want to cut my cuticles but they seem to get dry, peal and catch on my clothes. Do you use olive oil at any time? I try to use olive oil because I heard it’s good for the cuticles and safe…Let me know…thanks Janith

    1. Hi Janith. Thank you for stopping by. I never used olive oil on my cuticles. So, don’t have a clear idea how it works for cuticles. Long back I started using Argan oil and using it ever since. But I think most of the oils have moisturizing property. Say it about olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil or so. It’s just what you prefer and what works for you. But do use it daily so that it will help in softening cuticles and strengthening the nails.

  4. This is what I need. I started growing my nails with extensions, but that’s damages your nails. as I’m sure you will tell me. But now I wanot to grow my nails naturally. I’m on a natural journey. Lol. I will be returning for updates on nail care. For sure. Love your site.


    1. Thanks Casmin for stopping by and comment. You are absolutely right..natural is way to go! I will keep updating new blogs regularly..keep coming back.

  5. Demi,

    I love the information you have provided! I used to bite my nails before I got braces but after I got my braces off, I can no longer bite with such close precision so I keep a nail kit handy all the time to buff and trim. I rarely use nail polish but really need to work on strengthening my nails. Thank you for the information. I will come back to your site and read more.


    1. Thanks Paula. Glad that you liked the article. I know that urge to bite nails. Great that you stopped that. With little care I am sure that you will develop strong nails.

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