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How To Get Cheap Nail Art Supplies ~ 4 Online Stores To Buy Nail Supplies For Less Price

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Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fun day. When I started out on Nail Art, all I wanted was to buy lot of tools, nail decorations and all the nail related supplies. If you are addicted to nail art like me, I’m sure you can understand. Well, getting nail supplies can be expensive if you are not sure where to buy stuff with less money and good value. Here I’m sharing my two cents on how to get cheap nail art supplies. Below four online stores are my favorite ones to buy nail supplies for less price.


Everyone is aware of Amazon. It might seem stating the obvious when I say, you can get things in less price on Amazon, but as far as Nail supplies are concerned, certain things are cheap and getting all the nail related items may not be a good idea. Amazon is the best place to get high priced items and branded items in less price. Small items like rhinestones, decorations costs little more and you end up paying for shipping as well(Which is more than the product price). Mostly I buy nail polishes and luxury polish brands, Tools from Amazon. You have same day shipping feature if you are a Amazon Prime Member. That’s the best advantage any shopper can have! It’s like you saw something in a store and got it delivered to your door step in couple of hours!


Ebay is a paradise for buyers and sellers. You can get almost anything you want on ebay. Ebay has the auction feature, where you can bid for the items that are on auction and the highest bidder gets the item. I have bought many nail decoration items in auction for less than a dollar. Make sure the free shipping option in the filter is checked before bidding on a item. Other than the auction, things are really cheap on ebay and you can get free shipping on most of the thing!

Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store has huge selection on Nail Art Items and they provide free shipping worldwide. On top of it, they constantly have sales and offers on their website. Whenever I check the site, there’s always new items added. Not only nail items but you can also get jewellery, accessories and makeup!Super cheap!

Aliexpress is a wholesale website. If you looking for cheapest nail art items with free international shipping, this is it! It’s amazing that you can get something less than a dollar and free shipping! This online stores sells every single category of items(not only Nail Art) with unbelievably low pricing. Nail Decals, glitters, rhinestones, 3D decorations, crystals and every other nail items you can think of! you can get it all here!

I like the jewellery selection on this website, I actually bought a couple of them. They look so expensive yet very affordable. One drawback is you need to wait for a long time for the items to reach on free shipping! You do have expedited shipping option for early sipping and delivery with some added price.

Hope it was helpful to you all. Where do you get your Nail Art Items? Do you know other online stores, who sells nail items in discounted price? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you!



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