How To Do Professional Manicure at Home ~ Self Manicure Tips

Hey everyone. How is your day going! Manicure is very relaxing and therapeutic. But getting a professional How To Do Professional Manicure at Homemanicure can be expensive. Many of us just avoid manicure for the cost of it. What if, I tell you how to do professional manicure at home with readily available ingredients.  No need to buy expensive stuff just for the manicure. But you can always pamper yourself with extra products if you wish to. I normally do my manicure at home.

  • Soak your hands in warm water

Take some warm water in a bowl. Mix some shampoo or a good liquid hand soap. I use shampoo as it does not dry my skin. Throw in your favorite aromatic flowers. Add few drops of Hydrogen peroxide into the soapy water. Hydrogen peroxide helps to remove any stain caused by wearing polish overtime and whiten the nails. It may take several sessions of manicure if you have heavy stain on your nails. Dip your hand into the water and let your fingernails soak for about fifteen minutes.

  • Use a nail cleaning brush

Gently scrub nails using a Nail cleaning brush. Make sure you clean the inside of your nail tips. Nail Cleaning brush exfoliates the soft, delicate skin around your nails and reaches the corners of the cuticles  providing proper cleaning. If you experience nail peeling, using a cleaning brush will get rid of the dead skin on the nail surface and help prevent peeling.

  • Use a Facial Scrub Cream

Use a facial scrub on the fingers and on the palms to exfoliate and clean off the dead skin. This process will leave your hands buttery smooth and soft.

  • Pat dry your nails

Dip your hands into the warm water bowl or rinse it under tape water to clean it fully and pat dry with a hand towel.

  • Push your nail cuticles with a cuticle pusher

Push down extra grown nail cuticles using a cuticle pusher. There are so many types of cuticle pusher available in the market. Use the one which you feel comfortable.

  • Wipe off excess oil from your nails

Take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton wipe and wipe off  excess oil from your nails. Nails have natural oils and oily nail surface may result in chipping of your manicure. You can use a nail dehydrator for same purpose too!

  • Dress your nails pretty with your favorite nail polish

Apply a good quality base coat. As I mentioned above, wearing nail polish over time will create yellow stain on your nails. But if you use base coat every time before you paint your nails with polish, it will prevent staining and will keep your manicure longer. Paint your nails with your favorite nail polish or do some Nail Art Designs. Do not forget to seal your manicure with a Top Coat!

  • Apply a good cuticle oil or any hydrating oil

Apply a good cuticle oil on the cuticles and massage it gently. I prefer Argan oil for my nails. But you can use extra virgin olive oil too!

How do you like this easy at home manicure idea! Do you prefer to do it at home or in a salon? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂



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  1. Excellent article, I remember being taught this in Home Economics so many years ago and forgot about scrubbing the nails first, and the moisturizing at the end. Thanks for the refresher course.

  2. Thank you for this information, I found it very useful, really appreciate it. This is also a very nice site, really like it.

  3. Hi Gayatri !
    Pleasure reviewing your website !
    Just love your website ! Only constructive feedback I can give you is this: “Nails embellished with colorful polishes and Decorations” needs to be “nailed” in something stronger than what you have at the moment ? ! Can hardly see it ! Hope you agree ? Other than that absolutely brilliant. Wish you well in your business. Regards. Jaspal

  4. I have done self manicures for years, and love your pampering tips.
    Your blog is bookmarked under ‘my pleasure’ label!

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