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Hard Candy Nail Polish Walmart ~ Bronze Champion Swatches

Hey everyone! How are you all doing today! I found some new shades of Hard Candy Nail Polish in Walmart from the spring 2015 collection. There are nine shades in Hard Candy spring 2015 collection and the shade Bronze Champion was quiet catchy for me. A bronze shade in a spring collection, sounds odd but it doesn’t concern me much as I loved the color of this polish. This would be a perfect shade for Autumn  with the coppery bronze gold flecks. I feel its even suitable for holidays. Bronze Champion has gorgeous foil finish. I’m very fond of jewel tone colors and this polish is an amazing mix of copper, bronze, gold glitter and gold flecks. Not to forget the beautiful foil finish.

Hard Candy Nail Polish Walmart

  • Pigmentation: This polish is insanely pigmented. Just one coat and you’re good to go. I couldn’t help myself and went on with two thin coats. The color is very true to the bottle.
  • Formula: Bronze Champion has the perfect formula. Gorgeous mix of jewel tone colors. The dense brush makes the application smooth. However I feel the consistency is moderately thick and It does take some time to dry.
  • Finish: This pretty Hard Candy Polish has beautiful glossy foil finish and feels smooth on the touch. The whole lot of gold flecks makes it adorable. It makes your nails jeweled up in an instant. Love the flashy foil finish.
  • Staying power: It stayed put for a good amount of time. I have had it on my nails for a week and then it started to wear off a little from the tips but no chipping.
  • Where to buy: Hard Candy nail polishes are exclusively available in Walmart and costs $4. That’s a good price given the quality of this polish. you can find Hard Candy Polishes on eBay too. Bronze Champion is a new shade and I’m not quiet sure if it is available on eBay.

I got an amazing cheap deal on Hard Candy Polishes on eBay for you all, 30 Hard Candy Nail Color Polishes for $19.99. Which comes to less than a dollar for each shade. Get your lot before it’s sold out.


hard candy nail polish

hard candy nail polish

I would highly recommend Hard Candy Nail Polish Bronze Champion. How do you like this polish? Do you have any other Hard Candy nail polishe? How do you like’em? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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