Gold Beads for Nail Art
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Gold Beads For Nail Art ~ Cheap Nail Art Supplies eBay

Hey everyone! Hope you all doing great. I got these pretty gold beads for nail art from eBay. I’m very much fond of these gold bead nail decorations. It’s very cheap and high quality. These gold beads doesn’t bleed when you apply top coat unlike those who lose color and bleed when top coat applied over them. This high quality Caviar beads are made of stainless steel, comes in a glass jar and contains approx.1800 beads. If you love cute tiny 3D decorations, then you will adore these caviars.

Gold Beads for Nail Art

Gold Beads for Nail Art

You can buy so many cheap nail art supplies on eBay. I bought it for just $0.99 and free shipping.

  • How to Apply: Add a layer of clear polish where you want to place the beads. Dip a small dotting tool or toothpick into some clear polish to make it sticky enough to pick the beads. Place one bead at a time to decorate your nails. Seal the beads with Top Coat.
  • How to remove: Take some Polish remover or Acetone on a cotton pad and hold it over the nails for few seconds and gently rub it on the nails to remove.

If you check my Nail Art Section, I have done many Nail designs using these metallic caviars and I absolutely love these beauties. Click on the images below to see the tutorial for each Nail Design.

Gold beads for Nail Art

Gradient effect Nails

Gold Glitter Nails

Nail Art Striping Tape Designpink gold glitter nailsWhat is your though about these beads. If you have any question, leave them in the comment box below and I would be happy to help you out.

Check out my Nail Art Section for pretty and easy Nail Art Designs!




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