essence nail polish Pixie Dust
Nail Polish Swatches

Essence Nail Polish Swatches ~ Pixie Dust!

 essence nail polish swatches

essence nail polish swatches

Hey everyone! Wish you all a Happy New Year! I’m starting my polish journey this year with this beautiful Essence Nail Polish Pixie Dust. I wanted to wear some thing elegant yet glamorous this new year day. I picked this polish as the special one. It’s so gorgeous but subtle. The shimmer in it is not overwhelming but gives this beautiful soft pink-purple duochrome. This shade reminds me of Iridescent Topper Nail Polishes from ILNP and I think this shade would look great as a special effect topper too. Read on to know more about this polish.

  • Pigmentation: Pixie Dust has a sheer pigmentation. But when you build it up with few layers, it looks stunning. I have four layers in the swatch images. If you are looking for a polish to transform your other well pigmented polishes, you need to get this shade!
  • Formula: This essence polish has thin consistency which is expected I guess, given the sheer pigmentation. Then again, it’s not runny and goes on excellent on nails. Doesn’t take much time to dry and thus, makes all the layering work easy! You can also slap on a single coat to add lovely glow to your nails.
  • Finish: Essence pixie dust has a level on the bottle cap saying “Holo Shimmer”, but it doesn’t look like a holo polish. It’s more of a pink-purple duochrome. It goes on beautifully on the nails and looks so stunning. At first coat, you may think, umm..not so great, but just give it a few layers and you would love how it looks. I think it would look wonderful as a topper over black base or dark color shades. I haven’t tried over black. Will update soon with wearing it as a topper!
  • Staying Power: To my surprise It held on quiet well. I was wearing it for a week with very little wear-off. More reason to like this polish!
  • Where to Buy: Essence Nail Polishes are available in ULTA and Some Walgreens stores also carry this brand. I think selected Target stores have Essence products too.  You can always check on Amazon or I got mine from ebay.

 sparkle top coat nail polish

 white glitter nail polish

 essence nail polish Pixie Dust

 essence nail art

 essence special effect nail polish

 shimmer nail polish

I layered it over a white polish to see how it looks.  It turns the simple white polish to a stunning color! It’s not much visible in the image but over white I could see subtle holo shimmer effect.


How do you like this polish? Which polish you chose to be the special one this new year day? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you ?

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