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Essence Colour & go Nail Polish ~ Sparkling Water Lily Swatches and Review

Mother Pearl Nail Polish

Hey everyone, Hope you are having a fun day. Today’s beauty is a lovely pearl nail polish from Essence Colour & Go line. The shade is called “Sparkling Water Lily”. Quiet Alluring! Isn’t it? It’s an elegant pearl shade with iridescent sparkles. They say diamonds are girl’s best friend and I feel pearls are next best friend. My pearl obsession is not only limited to jewellery, I love  anything in pearl shade. Having said that I was already in love with this polish even before putting it on my nails. Let’s see how alluring this polish really is!

  • Pigmentation: This polish is very sheer. If you don’t like layering over and over, then this may not be your type of polish. But if you don’t mind the layering job, it gives stunning coverage and finish. I have four layers on my nails
  • Formula: The formula is very easy to work with. It has moderate consistency. Hence you don’t have to worry about it running all over your cuticles. The wide  brush in this polish gives perfect application. Simple three strokes and you are done! That’s why the sheerness didn’t bother me much!
  • Finish: It has an elegant pearl finish with iridescent sparkles. I want to mention that It is not dominated by sparkles, just enough to add some effect and lovely shine!
  • Staying Power: It was good for four days (With Butter London nail foundation Base Coat). I didn’t wear a top coat with this polish. I feel with a Top Coat, It may last couple of days more!
  • Where to Buy: Essence Nail Polishes are available in ULTA and Some Walgreens stores also carry this brand. I have seen Essence products in Target too. Not sure if all the stores have them.  However, I think Essence the Gel line is available in USA.  You can always check on Amazon or I got this shade as a gift!

pearl white nail polish

essence colour & go nail polish Sparkling Water Lily

pearl color nail polish

How do you like this pearl nail polish from Essence? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Always loved reading your review about nail polish. Never knew that it could be described in such details. I love the pearl color of this brand. But, I guess it will take some time and patience to apply since it looks best with layers as you’ve mentioned earlier. Looking at the images, I think it’s definitely worth the wait. Thanks for the review

    1. True Veena, If you can be little patient with the layering job, it’s so worth it!

  2. Your nails look very nice and you have developed a very good way to rank the polishes so everyone can understand what to expect from them. I like your site very much, it was a pleasure to find this site 🙂

    1. Glad that you liked it Keli. Hope to see you again!

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