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Easy Nail Art At Home ~ How I Did This Nail Design In Single Step!

Easy Nail Art At Home

cute easy nail designs

Hey everyone. How are you doing. You might have seen those liquid gel gemstone designs on YouTube. I have always been fascinated by those. Now I got to do this Gemstone Nail Art the easy way at home in single step. Keep reading to know how I did this beautiful nail design!

Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Nail Polish
  • Multi Color Glitter Nail Polish – NCLA Cookies and Gold
  • Ebay Nail Art Sticker
  • A pair of Tweezer
  • Top Coat

How I did the Nail Design

Like always, start by applying a good base coat on your nails for a long lasting manicure. You will need a good multi-color glitter polish to get the perfect base for this design. I used NCLA nail polish Cookies and Gold for the base color. I would give this polish full credit for this lovely design. It looks as if I have spent a lot of time to create this effect where as it just two coats of the polish.

Then let the polish dry completely. Now is the time for cool 3D looking gemstone effect. I got these beautiful Stickers on Ebay recently. A single sheet consists of so many multi chrome liquid gel like stickers and these are self adhesive stickers. All you need to do it peel it off and stick it onto the nails. Seal it with top coat and you’re done. Easy Peasy!!

nail sticker

 easy nail art without tools

Nail Art for Short Nails

sticker Nail Art

How do you like this Nail Design. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check my Nail Art section for more awesome Nail Art Tutorials!




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