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Nail Polish Swatches

Cuccio Nail Polish Swatches ~ One Night in Bangkok

Cuccio Nail Polish Swatches

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fun day. Today’s swatch is a lovely metallic nail polish from Cuccio Colour, One Night in Bangkok. Beautiful burgundy shade with a hint of lilac mix. This is the very first polish from Cuccio Colour in my collection. So many good reviews about this brand over the internet. Let’s see how it worked for me!

  • Pigmentation: This Cuccio Polish has great pigmentation. You can achieve full opacity with single layer. If you are a fan of single coat polishes, this won’t disappoint you! However, I have two thin layers on my nails out of habit.
  • Formula: Very satisfying formula! It has the right consistency and dries fast. The brush has long bristles and easy to reach the corners. I was little doubtful when I saw the thin bristles, but while applying polish it spreads nicely on the nails and gives streak free application.
  • Finish: One Night in Bangkok is filled with beautiful shimmers and has amazing metallic sheen to it.
  • Staying Power: I was wearing this shade the whole week with no chipping and very little wear off on the tips (with base coat and no top coat)
  • Where to Buy: I don’t know much about the brand other than it has pretty polishes. Hence not aware of specific details on where to buy Cuccio polishes. But it is available on Amazon and ebay. I got mine from Amazon.

Metallic Nail Polish

Cuccio Nail Polish

mauve nail polish

How do you like this metallic polish! I’m very impressed with the color and formula overall. I feel, I’ll be buying more shades from Cuccio brand.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Wow that color looks great, and with only one coat that’s impressive, I’m gonna be sure to look into this brand and would love some more reviews on the colors 🙂

    1. Glad that you liked it Katie. Do come back for more colorful polish swatches!

  2. Thanks for sharing nail polish reviews.

    I usually use avon gel nail polishes.

    I like the shade of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Antique Bronze

    1. I too love Avon gel polishes! The Sally Hansen bronze is really pretty!

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