clear glitter nail polish

cuccio nail polishcuccio nail polish swatchHey everyone. Happy Valentine’s day to all the loving souls out there! Now I understand what overthinking does to a person. While I was doing all the thinking, the day already arrived and I didn’t have any idea on what to do for my nails this Valentine’s day. So, I just settled for this polish, Cuccio Colour A Star is Born. A clear base with pink, blue, turquoise and purple multi-size hex glitters.  It looks so trendy, cute, lovely and casual at the same time. Something different than the traditional heart designs or a red polish which I still love. Check out my collection of Valentine’s Day Nail Designs if you like more occasion appropriate ideas. Let’s get to the swatches of this beautiful glitter polish!

  • Pigmentation: Given it’s a multicolor glitter polish with a clear base, It quiet difficult to talk about pigmentation. I guess, with this polish It should be about how much glitter it picks with one swipe. In that regard, I would say it’s not pigmented you would expect it to be. It looks jam packed with glitter in the bottle but when you take the brush out, it gets only a few bits. I applied three layers, then used a small dotting tool to pick some large glitters.
  • Formula: With few clear base glitter shades, I have noticed the base get little thick with each application but it is not the case with this beautiful polish. Although the application is tricky, it looks stunningly beautiful once you finish layering it couple of times to get desired coverage.
  • Finish: The multisize glitters in diffirent colors cerainly creates amazing effect. It appears as if you’ve done some kind of nail art. However this polish gets little dull after it dries. I added a layer of Top coat to get the glossy finish you see in the images.
  • Staying Power:  Impressed by the longevity of this colorful glitter shade. It stayed well nearly a week with base coat and a layer of top coat.
  • Where to Buy: Honestly, I’m not sure if any of the stores carry this polish. You can buy this brand on Amazon or eBay. I got it from Amazon! Compare price Vs

 cuccio nail products cuccio nail polish glitter cuccio colour veneerHow do you like this colorful Glitter Polish? Isn’t it beautiful? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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