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Colorful Glitter,Cuccio Mimes and Magicians Swatch!

Hey everyone. How are you doing! Managing a toddler takes up all my energy and I hardly get any time for myself. In such situation, valentine’s day was totally out of my mind. So, this valentine day, my better half handed me an a beautifully gift wrapped box and told me to check it out. You can guess already what was on that box. Yes, it was this cute Cuccio polish in the shade Mimes and Magicians with few other things. It was an unexpected surprise and cheered me up. I always love a pink glitter polish. This is the shade I wore as my Valentine mani and we went for a lovely romantic date. This Cuccio Lacquer is a clear base with pink, white, peach, yellow glitter in different size. Keep reading to know how the polish worked for me!

  • Pigmentation: Honestly, I’m not quite sure how to describe the pigmentation of this polish. It’s a clear base with multi color glitters and if you can put some effort layering it, the pay off is great. The brush picks mostly small glitters with few big ones. I used a dotting tool to pick and place some chunky glitters.
  • Formula: one would expect with each application, you will get even distribution of glitters in different size and color. But with this polish you need patience and quite a bit of layering. The brush mostly picks the small glitters and it doesn’t cover well around the cuticles. I applied three layers and then switched to manual glitter placement with a dotting tool. But the end result it beautiful. If it’s any relief from the layering job, I would like to mention that it dries fast.
  • Finish: It looks semi-matte after it dries and the big glitter particles feels rough around the edges. So, I added a layer of Top Coat. This polish would be a good summer color for your nails if you are not much of a bright neon color person. Or you can wear it on spring!
  • Staying power: I have been wearing it for four days and it is as good as freshly applied. Will update soon how long it stays put!
  • Where to buy: Cuccio has so many beautiful shades. You can buy them on

How do you like this Glitter Polish? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you!

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  1. Your polish selections are awesome! I love this one! I love it for my toes actually 🙂 I like that it has some staying power as I do tend to be a bit hard on my toes. Living in Florida, I spend most time barefoot, which I know I should do LOL. Anyway, thank you for always providing such great and unique colors, which I love! I like to be different and this will definitely give me that! Thank you !

    1. I’m sure it will look great on toe nails as well:) Glad that you got the perfect shade for you!

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