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ciate nail polish review

Hey everyone! Hope you are a having a great day. I’m smiling all week long with the awesome polish on my nails. You know how is it, when you feel bored and just want to pass time! I was having that kind of day and came across Ciate website. That single click cheered me up instantly šŸ™‚ I wanted to buy almost all the stuff what was being displayed. But I know, I can’t do that! This one shade calledĀ Superficial wouldn’t stop starring at me and soon it ended up on my doorstep in a parcel and then on my nails! Did it really impress me? Keep reading my Ciate Nail Polish review to find out more.

Ciate Paint Pot Superficial is a stunning dark teal creme with the perfect mix of blue and green. I wearing two coats of it on my nails. How cute the packaging is with the black bow!

  • Pigmentation: Ciate Paint Pot Superficial have amazing pigmentation, However one coat doesn’t give full coverage. With a second layer it looks gorgeous. Nice and Polished.
  • Formula: Great formula too. Consistency is little thicker which I think is aĀ deliberate effort for good pigmentation.Ā  It doesn’t take long to dry and the application is smooth. Packaging is super cute and sophisticated. Small wide bottle with a thin handle(provides easy grip) and not to forget the lovely bow.
  • Finish: It has a beautiful glossy creme finish. No shimmer at all.
  • Staying power: I was concerned about the staying power because of the thick consistency, but It stayed well over a week. I had Revlon Colorstay base on my nails. Didn’t use a top coat though. Applying a top cot might keep this polish even longer.
  • Where to buy: Ciate Nail Polish is available in Sephora, Nordstrom.Ā  You can get less expensive deals on andĀ  This time I didn’t do the same mistake as I did with the Ciate matte Top Coat. See theĀ  detail review of Ciate Matte Top Coat here. On Ciate website it was $15 and I paid $10 on Amazon with free shipping.

 best teal nail polish


Ciate Nail Polish Review


 teal nail polish

I’m very impressed by this shade and definitely will be trying more Ciate nail polish colors. How do you like this shade? Share your thoughts on the comments below. I would be happy to here from you šŸ™‚

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  1. Always a great post. You do a great job with pics and dialogue portraying your nails and colors. Thank you for all you do.

  2. This is a great review. I don’t wear nail polish myself simply because after a day or so most of them start to chip off. I usually do a lot of house work too which may cause the nail polish never stays long. Its nice to know there is one that can last over a week.

  3. Your nails look gorgeous and I can’t wait to try some of that nail polish!! Thanks for the insight on where I can grab some to try!!

  4. Wow your nails look good gurrl!! I’ll have to check out that nail polish thanks for the lovely article and review. Its always nice to find such an excellent resource for nail polish.

  5. I love the colour, it’s so bold yet suttle. I am trying to grow my nails at the moment so this post has really inspired me to get them looking like yours.

    The bottle looks really pretty too,,, would look cute on a dressing table.
    Will have to check it out on Ebay.

    great review, cheers

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