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Ciate Matte Top Coat Nail Polish ~ Mattnificent

Ciate Matte Top Coat Nail Polish



Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day. I like my nails in matte finish most of the time. So, a matte top coat is necessary for me. I prefer to apply a matte top coat on regular nail polish than matte nail polishes. I thought of spending a bit more for a Matte Top coat and got Ciate Matte Top Coat Nail Polish,  Mattnificent. The packaging is chic and pretty. This polish comes in a cute white soft card board box with magnetic flap. It transforms any polish to matte finish in an instant. I have it over Sally Hansen Miracle Gel,Rhapsody Red.

  • Formula: For a Top Coat Nail Polish, I feel the consistency is little thick but it dries fast.
  • Finish: Ciate Mattnificent gives beautiful matte finish. It almost looks like velvet. I love how pretty it looks.
  • Staying power: I was expecting it to stay put for a good amount of time as I spend $15 just for Top Coat. It’s disappointing that it chipped on the second day.  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel,Rhapsody Red was on my nails for four days on its own but with Mattnificent over it, It chipped badly on the second day.
  • Where to buy: Ciate Nail Polish is available in Sephora, Nordstrom. I got mine in Nordstrom.  You should always check Amazon or eBay as most stuff are cheaper and easy to get! When I checked in Amazon and ebay,  it was a lot cheaper, $8.89 with free shipping. But I had already paid more as a result of impulse buying!

 best matte top coat nail polish

 best matte top coat nail polish

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Have you tried Ciate Matte Top Coat? I still love this Matte Top Coat, even if it doesn’t stay long! Just because of the stunning finish! How do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Another great post!! You are definitely doing a great service of anyone who enjoys taking care of their nails and keeping them pretty. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Brent!

  2. Its been a long time since I’ve worn nail polish! Just to clarify, is this a clear varnish to brush over the main layer? Like a protective layer? Could it be worn just as a clear varnish by itself? I confess that colors aren’t really my thing, but I do enjoy wearing clear nail polish!

    1. Hi Emma, Its a clear polish to be layered over other nail polishes to mattify. It doesn’t do much to keep the polish longer. Just takes away the shine. If you dont prefer colors, then neutral shades like Sally Hansen Nail Polish Diamond Strength, Brilliant Blush or Julie G Nail Polish, Bubble Bath would be perfect for you!

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