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Best Nail Polish Colors To Wear This Summer(With Swatches)

Well, Summer is here. I know, you all have barbecue parties, beach holidays planned out and super busy executing all those plans. I have delegated vacation planning to my husband and I have been busy planning which nail polishes to wear this summer. I’ve below polishes put aside on my polish rack so that I can easily access and decide on which one to paint my nails with. You will find most of the shades are drug store and very affordable with one or two high end polishes. I have mentioned my favorite ones categorically as per colors. So, you don’t need to buy the particular polish I mentioned. I have simply laid down the color options and you can choose whichever polish you prefer to wear as per your color choice.

Pink Always will be the Trend

glitter top coat nail polish

My absolute favorite is Whatever lola wants by Deborah Lippmann. A gorgeous shimmery sliver pink shade. It’s a sheer iridiscent polish which needs a lot of layering and it creates the most gorgeous glow in sunlight. it’s super glowy on its on too and acts great as a topper. I often wear it on its own and boy, does it not turn heads! Read my full review and swatches of this polish!

Pink Nail Polish for spring

When it comes to nail polish, pink is the go to color for everyone. It’s always trendy and suits all skin tones. I can hardly imagine some one who doesn’t like pink. So here are my pink polish picks. Julie G bubble bath, A beautiful and elegant pale pink, which looks natural and pretty at the same time. Needs three coats to get full coverage and has great formula. All the Julie G polishes I tried so far are best in terms of formula and application. Check out the Full review and more swatch pics!

Orly Nail Polish, Oh Cabana Boy

Another shade I love is Oh Cabana Boy by Orly. It’s a hot pink with beautiful sheen to it. Top it with a matte top coat it looks even more stunning. The swatch image you see is two coats. Applies smoothly and has thin consistency which makes it easy to just take your time and work it on the nails. Check out my Review on this polish!

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Sometimes White is Bright

Sinful Colors Snow me White

Sinful Colors Snow me white, Wet n wild Break the IceSummer is colorful and yes, it’s the best time to play and experiment with colors. But I like to keep it simple some time even in the summer, in those days, I wear white, as a simple french mani or full on white. If you are fond of french mani, then you can know how hard it is to stay away from it. My favorite white shade is Snow me White by Sinful Colors. This is the most used polish in my entire life. I guess I’m on the seventh bottle now. It’s subtle, elegant and frugal, you can get it for under a buck when it’s on sale in Walgreens. Read my full Review HERE

Wet n Wild Break the Ice

Another White shade I absolutely love is Wet n Wild Break the ICE. It’s different from traditional white shades. It’s a stunningly gorgeous iridiscent white with sheer formula. You can use it as a topper over white or neutrals to get that highlight glow but I wear it on its own too. It needs 4-5 coats to get the coverage in the swatch image but the layering is so worth it. Check out more swatch pics and review of this polish HERE!

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Colorful Glitters to Color You Up

white glitter nail polish

Now we are onto fun colorful shades and I have many of this kind in my collection. I want to share three of my favorite shades in this category. NCLA Coockies and creme is a multi color glitter glitter polish with white base and I’m obsessed with it. Purple, pink, gold, blue and white glitter in different sizes incorporated into while creme base. Looks like colorful splatters on the nail. Like nail art without doing nail art. Check out the swatches and review on this polish HERE

cuccio nail polish swatch

Cuccio A star is born is another lovely colorful glitter. A clear base with pink, blue, turquoise and purple glitters in different sizes. If you want to wear something different and trendy this summer, you will love this shade. Check out more swatches of this polish HERE!

4th of July Nails Design

When we are talking about different kind of glitter, one more polish deserves attention, Raise the Flag by Loreal. I guess it was a limited edition launched few years back. I just wanted to give you an option, hence mentioning this polish. It’s a clear polish with red, blue and white fine bar glitters. I did this lovely glitter Tip and Star design using this polish. Brands generally launch these type of shades around 4th of july. So keep a look out if you like this shade. See the tutorial of this design HERE!

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The Happy Blue

Blue Glitter Nail Polish

You have a pool party planned or an event to attend, this is the shade you can not miss. it has that glamour with matte textured finish and it shines like crazy. Just like glistening water of a pool in the summer. It has brilliant pigmentation too. The swatch is two coats on my nails. Read the detail review and swatches of this polish HERE!

aqua blue nail polish

Another pick in this color category is a shade from Born Pretty Store. A gorgeous aqua blue. Bonus is it gives flash of purple when you move your hand. If you have tropical holiday, This would be a good choice. It’s very well pigmented, the swatch is only two coats. It’s very affordable too. See more swatch pics and review of this polish HERE!

dark blue nail polish

When talking about blue, we can not forget a good royal blue, can we? So, here is Trippie Hippie from Color Club. Just the perfect shade to add a statement to your outfit. Two coats is enough for full coverage and I love the subtle shine it creates! Read the detail review and swatches HERE!

Loreal nail polish

The last shade in this color category is L’oreal Not A Cloud In Sight, I’m in love with the elegance of this turquoise blue creme. It give this delicate feeling and looks luxurious on the nails. Loreal has so many good shades and all the colors I have tried from this brand, they always please me. It gets opaque in two coats without any streaks and patchiness. See more swatch pics and review on this polish HERE!

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Go Green

NCLA Nail Polish

Green is another color I love to wear. My first green favorite is NCLA Santa Monica Shore Thing. NCLA is little pricy but, I don’t regret at all spending some extra bucks on this polish and I have wearing this a lot lately. Reason, It’s a beautiful mint green and chemical free. Two coats needed to get full coverage. Check out more swatches and review of this polish HERE!

long lasting nail polish

Second Favorite in this color category is NARS Disco Inforno. It’s a gorgeous iridescent shade silvery base with green and lavander Duo-Chrome. It gives the best colorful glowy effect you can imagine. This polish is a sheer formula and needs some layering job if you want to wear it on it’s own. You can also use it as a topper for dark polishes to decorate them. I love these kind of shades. You can wear them both ways and they look pretty every single time. Below swatch is one layer of disco inferno over black. Read the detail review of this Polish HERE

Black as base polish
One layer of NARS Disco Inferno over Black

Next pick is Tenacious Teal by Maybelline. It’s a lovely teal green with glossy finish. This shade is just perfect, neither too bright nor light. Two coats gives you full opacity you can find maybelline polishes on sale frequently in all drugstores. Read the detail review on this polish HERE!

Wet n Wild Polish Swatches

Wet n Wild is really killing it in makeup industry. It is known to provide best quality in less price. I own many of their makeup stuff and love them. Likewise, I adore wet n wild nail polishes too. Caribbean Frost is one of my fav wet n wild colors. I have it in the old packaging. It’s a beautiful emerald green with metallic sheen. Two coats is all you need to make it opaque and I love the formula. All these is for a dollar only. See more Swatches of this polish HERE!

Revlon Perfume Nail Polish

The last shade in this category is Revlon Perfumerie Wintermint. Such an unique shade and you get to experience lovely mint scent on your nails. Wintermint is beautiful mint green shimmer with blue hex glitters. It’s a sheer polish and you may need to apply four layers to get the opacity. I have four layers on my nails. You can also layer it over a pigmented mint polish. It looks gorgeous in both ways. Deborah Lippmanns Mermaid’s Dream, that every one love’s, this shade is a dupe for that. Same looking shade only for less than half of the price. Read the detail review on this polish HERE!

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Red Glamour

chrome nail polish sally hansen

Red is a all season color and there’s so many varieties of red that you can choose to wear. In the summer I like to wear sexy bright red. My favorite is Sally hansen Rahdospy Red. It goes on so smooth and opaque in single coat. This is the brightest red I have in my collection. See more swatches of this polish HERE!

avon nail polish

Another red that is very dear to me is Avon Royal Red. It’s a beautiful cool tone red and a perfect shade for that red glamour. Two layers of it gives full coverage. It is very affordable. You can buy Avon Nail Polishes through Avon representatives. You can find a representative near you through Avon Website. See more swatches of this polish HERE!

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Yellow Calling

covergirl outlast nail polish

I love the Covergirl Sulfur Blaze shade. It’s a screaming dazzling yellow with foil finish and I wear this polish a lot on it’s own and while doing nail art too. It’s well pigmented, opaque in two coats and has great formula. See more swatches of this polish HERE!

OPI Yellow Polish

Another shade I love is OPI lemonade stand by your man. I guess it’s discontinued but you can get it from amazon or ebay if you want to try it out. It’s a gorgeous pineapple yellow and I get complement each time I wear it. See more swatches of this polish HERE!

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Daring Neon

China Glaze Neon

I’m not much of a neon person but I like the shade In the lime light by Chinaglaze. A lovely green neon with blue undertone. Doesn’t have the best formula but I discovered a trick to make it stay long and not chip. Wearing it on its own is a mess, it just chips in a day. However, if you layer it over white, it looks beautiful and stays put for few days. Read detail review on this polish HERE!

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Peach Fever

Julie G Nail Polish

I don’t wear Peach on my nails often as I have warm skin tone. Hence, don’t have much peachy shades in my collection. But among the few, Julie G freshly squeezed is my favorite. It’s an elegant peach with pink micro-shimmers. It has sheer formula and needs four layers to get full opaque. It acts as a great topper too. layer it over a creme shade and it will transform the color dramatically. See more swatches of this polish HERE!

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Hope this summer color picks have been helpful to you. Let me know which colors or polishes you like to wear in summer in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Check out my Nail Polish Swatches for more colorful polishes.



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