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Sometimes, we think Base Coat Nail Polish is an extra step. I’m guilty of it. But It makes a big deal of difference for long lasting manicure and nail health overall. It prevents staining, fill in the ridges and make the nail surface smooth for colored nail polish application. We often wonder, which nail polish last longer? Well, there maybe long lasting polishes but just this one step of base coat application will make any nail polish last longer. Here I’m sharing my favorite base coats, which worked for me.

REVLON Colorstay  Base Coat

REVLON Colorstay Base Coat

The color stays on your nails with this base coat. The Polishes from Revlon Colorstay line is long lasting and this base coat makes other polishes stay put. It dries real quick and gives you a smooth base to put other colors on.  If you got a polish that chips, then this Revlon Base Coat is the solution.

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OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Nail Polish

best nail polish base coat

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat is the best option to prevent staining and makes other colored polishes stay longer. This base coat has a hint of pink to make your natural nails glow. If you want to show off your natural nails, then just a layer of OPI natural nail and people will ask, how your nails are so healthy!

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butter LONDON Nail Foundation Priming Base Coat

butter LONDON Nail Foundation Priming Base Coat

You can clearly make it out from the name, what this base coat nail polish from butter London does. Terms like “Foundation, Priming” is not there just for a fancy name. This actually works like a foundation and primer for nails. It has slight creme tint which provides light coverage and it is an incredible product to fill in those ridges. The way a face primer minimizes pores, it acts the same for minimizing the ridges on your nails.

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Seche Clear Base Coat

nail polish top coat used base

Seche Clear Base Coat does an amazing job to keep the polish on for longer period of time. As the name says, It is a clear base coat polish and specifically formulated to prevent yellowness. Added bonus is  “It’s No Formaldehyde & No Toluene” formula. However it doesn’t do much for filling ridges. If your concern is ridge filling, then I would highly recommend butter LONDON Nail Foundation Priming Base Coat.

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CND Stickey Base Coat

which nail polish last longer

CND Stickey Base Coat is somewhat thick in consistency and works beautifully to cancel out imperfections. Takes a little time to dry but keeps the manicure for two weeks. This one is my favorite base coat nail polish currently. This CND base coat is 3-free formula. You’re in search of a healthy base coat for nails? This is the one!

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I want to mention that the base coats I mentioned above may not work for everyone as natural nails differs from person to person. I’m simply sharing my experience with these product. If you know of any other base coats which works well, please share in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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