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Base Coat for Nail Polish, Is It Really Necessary?

How many of us really use base coat in our manicures. Some of you might think, um, it’s just some clear polish and what difference does it make any way?I know, when I started doing my manicures on my own, I used to wonder What is base coat nail polish and whats the need of it. Let’s discuss!

  • Base coat is like a primer, acts as a protective layer between your nails and colored polish. It helps your manicure stay longer, fill the ridged making your nails smooth which makes the nail polish glide on smoothly.
  • you apply it on your nails before you apply colored nail polish. Base coat acts as an adhesive and binds your natural nail and color polish together. This way your manicure lasts longer.
  • Base coat polish comes in two types of formula. One is normal clear looking base coat and other is ridge filling. Ridge filling base coats are little thicker in consistency.
  • You can find many base coats enriched in protein, vitamin E, calcium. If you have brittle and weak nails, these types of base coats will promote growth and strengthen your nails.
  • Our nails are made of keratin and keratin reacts to the chemicals in nail polish causing yellowing. Using non-toxin or vegan nail polishes may prevent yellowing too! I have a different post about best Base Coat Nail Polishes. Click Here to find out the best options out there.

Do you use Base Coat Nail Polish. Which brand is your favorite. Let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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