Avon Gel finish Nail Polish
Nail Polish Swatches

Avon Gel Nail Polish ~ Wine and Dine me Swatches

Avon Gel Nail Polish

I like to wear dark red colors on my nails and it certainly makes a statement. I get tempted whenever I see a dark polish.  I promise myself that I won’t be buying the same color again every time I get a nail polish but yeah, you can guess what happens next. Same is the case with this Avon Gel nail polish, Wine and Dine me. I saw a swatch of this polish on Instagram and that was it! I had to get it. Wine and Dine me is a sultry dark wine red shade and perfect for fall/winter.

  • Pigmentation: This Avon Gel shade is overall opaque in one coat. It’s an important point to be a winner. However, two layers gives full coverage. I have two coats on my nails.
  • Formula: It has somewhat gloopy consistency and I feel the gel formula is the reason. How ever it doesn’t create any problem in the application. You need to spend a bit of time for it to dry.
  • Finish: You can see how glossy it looks in the swatch above. Isn’t it incredible? I noticed it looked bit dull after a day wear. I added a layer of top coat to get the shine back.
  • Staying Power: This polish stays put for almost a week, little wear off from the tip (with base and top coat application)! I’m very impressed with the longevity of this polish. I surely can ignore the dull finish with this long stay formula. You can always add a shiny top coat to get the glossy finish!
  • Where to Buy: You can’t find Avon Nail Polishes in any store. It’s available on the Avon official website. Or you can purchase them on Amazon.com and ebay.com! You can get Avon polishes from Avon representative in your area.

Avon Gel finish Nail Polish

Avon Gel Nail Polish Wine and Dine me Swatches

Avon Gel Nail Polish ~ Wine and Dine me Swatches

wine color nail polish

How do you like this dark red gel finish nail polish from Avon?  Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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