simple christmas nail designs
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A Simple Holiday Nails Tutorial ~ Gold Ombre French Manicure Design!

 christmas fingernail designs

 simple christmas nail designs

 cute holiday nail designs

Hey everyone! How are you doing! I have this Simple Holiday Nails Design to share with you. Have been trying out different nail designs to wear this holiday season. This one is a simple Ombre French Manicure with touch of red to bring some contrast and to add some grace. Hope you like this holiday nail idea of mine!

Items and Tools I Used

  • Base Coat Polish
  • Beige Color Nail Polish
  • Gold Glitter Nail Polish
  • Red Nail Polish
  • Nail Art Liner Brush
  • Small Dotting Tool
  • Top Coat

How I did the Nail Design

Apply a good base coat on your nails and let it dry. Apply a beige color polish on your nail tips by following the natural smile line of your nails. You can also use french manicure guide stickers for a clean line. Take some gold glitter nail polish on your liner brush and outline the french manicure.

Gently drag the gold glitter polish upwards using the very tip of the liner brush. Take some more of the glitter polish and apply it just above the manicure line and again smooth it out by spreading it upwards. This will create a soft omber effect. Now take some red nail polish on a small dotting tool and make dots following the manicure line. Then use the glitter polish and the very tip of your liner brush to make tiny dots in center of red dots. Seal the whole design with top coat and your holiday design is all done!

 easy christmas nail designs

 holiday nail designs

 ombre french manicure

 Red Gold Nail Art

How do you like these Soft Ombre Holiday Nails? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check my Nail Art section for more awesome Nail Art Tutorials!



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