You want to remove your badly chipped polish, but you run out of remover or you simply forgot to pack your remover for a vacation. In any situation, There are  other ways to remove nail polish besides the traditional way by using polish remover. Here, I want to share with you all 5 ways to take off nail polish without nail polish remover. Last one is the best one!

  • Use a Deodorant Spray

Yes! Your deo sprays can remove nail polish. Deodorants contains dissolvents, that can melt and remove your polish. Simply spray some onto your nails, let it work for few seconds and wipe it off with a cotton ball. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Perfumes Can come in Handy

When I came across this polish removal hack, my reaction was what!Really? But it works! Do you find it hard to stay away from your perfume, there you have one more reason to use it. Spray onto the nails and wipe off using a cotton pad. Repeat till your polish is fully gone. I want to mention though, It can be a pricy affair to use perfume as nail polish remover on regular basis. But It’s fun to do experiment and to use it as an emergency polish remover.

  • Apply more Polish

Aren’t we speaking of removing nail polish? Yes, we are! Adding more polish helps you get rid off  it. Apply a thick layer of nail polish over the old polish. Let it sit for few seconds. The new layer will melt the polish underneath. Then wipe it off with a cotton ball.

  • Nail Polish Thinner

Nail polish thinner is used to restore dried nail polish in the bottle. It works great for nail polish removal too. Put few drops of polish thinner on to your nails and on a cotton pad. wipe off the nails to see the polish gone!

  • Peel Off Base Coat

This is the best way to get off your nail polish without remover. You need to apply a peel off base coat before applying any nail polish. So that, to remove the nail polish, all you got to do is peel if off. This works great to remove stubborn glitter nail polishes too. This could save you the trouble and time.

That brings us to a question! Can normal base coat nail polish be replaced with peel off base coat.? Sure, it can be. But It may not work well to keep the longevity of your nail polish as the normal base coat does. If your priority is ease of polish removal, peel off base coat is the best way. And If you do not want to compromise a long lasting manicure, regular base coat polish is your best friend.

What is your favorite among these alternative ways of polish removal. Have you tried any of the methods before? Let me know in the comments below.