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3D Nail Art Decorations ~ Born Pretty Store Review


 Nail Art 3D Decoration Mix


Hey everyone..Hope you are having a nice day! I’m lately into 3D decoration designs and I received some amazing stuff from Born Pretty Store, which I used in this nail art. Nail decorations items are the best and easy way to create nail art. Very ideal for beginners.

Items and Tools I used

  • Base Coat by Wet n Wild
  • Maybelline Color show Nail Polish – Cinderella Pink
  • Bonita Salon Nail Polish – True Diva (See the Full Swatch Here)
  • Milani Nail Lacquer – Golden Romance
  • Sinful Colors Nail Art – My Day #1648
  • Nail Art Striping Tape and a Tweezer/Dotting tool
  • 3D Nail Decoration from Born Pretty Store
  • Top Coat by Wet n Wild

How I did the Nail Design

I started by applying base coat on my nails. Then applied Striping tape on all nail tips except the Accent Nail.

Lately, I have been trying out striping tape for tip designs, as it gives a clean line. I started liking the idea.Once tapes are placed, I painted the tips (left one finger tip to apply red polish) with the Cinderella pink. You need to remove the tape as soon as possible so that, it will give a crisp and defined line.

On the accent nail, I did a reverse french manicure by applying the maybelline polish in upside down U shape.Now time for some glitter act. Apply the two layers of Milani Gold Glitter polish over the tips and the accent nail. Apply some clear polish and insert Rhinestones. Outline the tips with Sinful Colors Nail Art Liner.Seal the whole design with top coat.

 Nail Art 3D Decoration Mix


 Nail Art 3D Decoration Mix


 Nail Art 3D Decoration Mix



Check out the video tutorial for a clear idea.

I’m so much in love with these gorgeous rhinestones.

Rhinestones from BPS IMG_2011


  1Box Mixed Multisize Rhinestone 3D Nail Art Decoration Shiny Flat Back Rhinestone Nail Art Decoratio

Check out Born Pretty Store for amazing Nail Art Accessories and I happen to have born pretty store coupon.
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Check out my YouTube Channel for more Nail Art Designs!

Enjoy and Thank you for stopping by!!

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  1. Wow, pretty cool nail art decorations!
    Do you have any tips to keep the rhinestones from falling off?

    1. Thank you Sylvia. Sealing the decoration with a top coat makes it stay in place. For bigger rhinestones using Nail Glue will be a good idea to keep it intact.

  2. Holy cow! I checked out your Born Pretty store and found some great items. gonna go on a shopping spree, but wanted to tell you thanks first.

    1. Awesome Debra. Wish you happy shopping 🙂

  3. Hey! Really good looking article! I like how you use photos and videos in your post!

    See you! Max

    1. Thanks Max for liking!

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