mint shade polish
Nail Polish Swatches

Best Nail Polish Colors To Wear This Summer(With Swatches)

Well, Summer is here. I know, you all have barbecue parties, beach holidays planned out and super busy executing all those plans. I have delegated vacation planning to my husband and I have been busy planning which nail polishes to wear this summer. I’ve below polishes put aside on my polish rack so that I …

Nail Polish Swatches

Colorful Glitter,Cuccio Mimes and Magicians Swatch!

Hey everyone. How are you doing! Managing a toddler takes up all my energy and I hardly get any time for myself. In such situation, valentine’s day was totally out of my mind. So, this valentine day, my better half handed me an a beautifully gift wrapped box and told me to check it out. …

purple holographic nail polish
Nail Polish Swatches

Purple Holographic Nail Polish Swatches, Born Pretty Store!

Hey everyone..Happy 2019 to you all! I’m posting after a long gap. Life’s been crazy busy as a mom to a toddler and I wasn’t getting enough time to post. I had this Born Pretty Polish (PR Sample) that I wanted to try for few weeks and soon I got some free time, just slapped …

dried nail polish how to fix
Nail Polish Swatches

How to Fix And Restore Dried Nail Polish!

Recently my sister picked a polish bottle from the shelf and told me” It’s fully dried/expired, why don’t you get rid of it!” My immediate response was noway, nail polish never expires! You have some polishes sitting somewhere that are thick, sticky and dried and you somehow want to make it work, there is a …